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Microsoft Azure Cloud Marketplace Gains Dynatrace Full Stack Monitoring

Microservices, containerization and cloud environments allow companies to innovate and respond to consumer and market influences much more quickly. Those innovations have come at a cost, however. Indeed, on-premises, cloud and hybrid stacks are much more difficult to monitor and manage.

The result: Dynatrace, a digital performance management company, released a survey that showed how these complexities coupled with performance challenges are currently killing digital transformation initiatives. The independent survey of 1,239 IT and business professionals globally revealed further that organizations are encountering user, revenue or customer-impacting digital performance problems once every five days. Furthermore, individuals across business and IT functions are losing a quarter of their working lives battling to address these problems. The “Global Digital Performance and Transformation Audit” can be downloaded here.

According to the study, 75 percent of respondents had low levels of confidence in their ability to resolve digital performance problems. Moreover, 48 percent of those respondents stated digital performance challenges were directly hindering the success of digital transformation strategies in their organizations. When asked what was causing these performance challenges, respondents most frequently pointed to the increasing complexity of their technology environments.

Dynatrace Full Stack Monitoring

To help combat these problems, Dynatrace announced the availability of Dynatrace within the Microsoft Azure marketplace. The effort brings the company's full stack monitoring to Azure's web apps, cloud services and virtual machines. Microsoft customers will now be able to deploy Dynatrace from the Azure Marketplace, to monitor across all environments and gain granular insight into the performance of modern applications, the company states.

Dynatrace claims the offering automatically pinpoints application and infrastructure issues by providing automated baselining, problem correlation, and root-cause detection, across public or hybrid cloud deployments, or during the process of migrating to the cloud. Additionally, Dynatrace’s Smartscape view enables a live snapshot of entire environment topologies, giving it the ability to manage application performance across public and private clouds.

Dynatrace provides unified application performance management that includes:

  • Business and performance analytics
  • Digital experience monitoring
  • Application monitoring & performance lifecycle management
  • Cloud, container, & infrastructure monitoring

While promising, Dynatrace faces plenty of competition. Key rivals include BMC, CA Technologies, Cisco AppDynamics, Datadog and New Relic, among others. Additional application performance monitoring (APM) news is expected at next week's Amazon AWS re:Invent 2017 conference in Las Vegas.