Internal IT support operates very differently than an MSP support desk. Often you don't have access to robust ticketing systems and the technology and tools necessary to run an efficient helpdesk. The same tools that MSPs use are usually too expensive and don't provide the same level of ROI as they would for an MSP, so most companies forgo them for other solutions.

Observing the potential value in providing a solution for internal helpdesks, LogMeIn has unveiled Prompt ai and RescueAssist. Both platforms are designed to improve the internal employee support process. According to the company, Prompt ai makes AI-powered employee self-service accessible to any size organization and frees up help desk teams to focus on the situations that need them most. RescueAssist is the next-generation of the company's remote support solution, GoToAssist.

Features of Prompt AI include:

  • AI-First Technology: Leveraging AI & Natural Language Processing technologies, Prompt ai can understand how people naturally speak, helping users solve their own problems, even if they don't know the technical terms to describe them.
  • Popular Messaging Apps Support: The platform can be accessed from messaging apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.
  • Escalation Capabilities: Connects to ITSM platforms and ticketing solutions – including ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk, and Samanage – Prompt ai provides seamless ticket escalation so employees can receive support from IT experts when needed.
  • Simple Pre-built Content Templates: Templates and tips make content building easy.
  • Smart Content Curation: Real-time analytics dashboard classifies similar questions and provides actionable insights reducing the effort to maintain quality content for self-service.

This platform should work well for internal IT teams, who typically run into the same issues over and over. An MSP supports several different software solutions, platforms, and a variety of hardware. Typically an internal team is able to support the same solutions across all of the employees they support. This generally creates an environment where the same problems occur regularly.

Having these same problems regularly allows the IT department to program these common issues into an AI-based platform like Prompt ai to allow users to help themselves resolve them.

What potentially makes Prompt ai an even better solution is integrations with mainstream tools that users have already embraced. It can be difficult to train users on how to create a ticket, and they end up defaulting to just emailing the people they know in the IT department directly. This will make for an inefficient support desk. If they can access help from a tool they are already using like Teams or Slack, they can resolve their own issue or easily escalate their problem to the help desk where the IT department can start to triage the issue.

New features included in RescueAssist

  • Frictionless Connections: Through a plugin, RescueAssist offers users the ability to start a support session right from the browser.
  • Right Fit Support: RescueAssist offers instant access to light-weight support options including chat, remote view, and file transfer.
  • In-Channel Support: Integrations with popular messaging applications like Slack put the IT Help Desk in a familiar place where employees are already working.
  • Mobile Device Support & Camera Share: RescueAssist supports Android and iOS mobile device users and offers the ability to troubleshoot equipment anywhere using the end user's mobile camera, no app needed.

With more employees working remotely every day, remote control support becomes increasingly important. The IT staff might not be able to walk over to the users desk, and doing so can waste a lot of time anyway. With RescueAssist, not only is the IT department able to easily connect to the users computer, with little interaction or knowledge needed from the user, but they can also connect to Android and iOS devices. Any RMM platform needs to have these additions, as it can be extremely difficult to walk someone through troubleshooting their mobile device.