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Infrascale Unveils Next-Gen BDR Solution for SMBs

Infrascale has launched the next generation of its disaster recovery solution for SMBs, including new on-premises appliances, greater performance and hybrid cloud capabilities, according to a statement from the company.

The Infrascale Backup and Disaster Recovery (IBDR) solution is the next generation of the Infrascale Disaster Recovery (IDR) product sold to MSPs and VARs servicing SMB and mid-market customers, according to the statement. IBDR is a disaster recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) hybrid cloud solution, Infrascale said, with one part software/hardware on-premises with customers’ data and servers and one part service infrastructure in the cloud.

Infrascale Unveils Next-Generation IBDR Solution for SMBs

Infrascale CEO Russell P Reeder
Infrascale CEO Russell P Reeder

The name change, too, is significant, according to Infrascale. IBDR provides both backup and disaster recovery; calling out backup in the name illuminates the additional capabilities of IBDR to provide file and folder backup in addition to disaster recovery, according to the statement.

The IBDR solution enables partners to deliver security solutions to customers that prevent data loss and minimize downtime by providing quick recovery from crashes, ransomware/malware, natural disasters, human error and more, according to the statement.

The IBDR solution offers six new appliance models, two of which that are SSD-based to improve recovery performance. In addition, the new IBDR SSD hardware boosts storage IOPS for better performance for booted virtual machines. Finally, IBDR moves away from fixed cloud configuration toward cloud compute for backup and boot from cloud storage, for a modular approach and further growth opportunities and to enable flexibility if new retention or business growth requirements change, according to the statement.

Infrascale IBDR: Executive Commentary

“Today, all businesses are aware that it’s a matter of when they will lose their data and not if. Unfortunately, many MSPs and SMBs have been let down by their backup and disaster recovery partners, leaving them unprotected from the increasing threats. Infrascale understands that our MSP partners and their customers are looking for the right partner that they can trust, especially when disaster strikes and they need immediate access to their systems and data,” says Russell P. Reeder, CEO of Infrascale.