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HPE Announces New AI Platform For Enterprises

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is joining the artificial intelligence groundswell.

The company announced at HPE Discover, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise showcase technology event for business and government customers, its GreenLake for Large Language Models (LLMs).

The product will allow enterprises to privately train, tune, and deploy large-scale AI using a sustainable supercomputing platform that combines HPE’s AI software and supercomputers, the company said. The company is partnering with Aleph Alpha, a German AI startup, to provide the platform to users.

HPE GreenLake for LLMs is the first in a series of industry and domain-specific AI applications that HPE plans to launch in the future, the company announced. These applications will include support for climate modeling, healthcare and life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation.

HPE’s AI Push: Executive Commentary

Antonio Neri, CEO, HPE
Antonio Neri, CEO, HPE

Antonio Neri, president and CEO, HPE, commented:

“We have reached a generational market shift in AI that will be as transformational as the web, mobile, and cloud. HPE is making AI, once the domain of well-funded government labs and the global cloud giants, accessible to all by delivering a range of AI applications, starting with large language models, that run on HPE’s proven, sustainable supercomputers. Now, organizations can embrace AI to drive innovation, disrupt markets, and achieve breakthroughs with an on-demand cloud service that trains, tunes, and deploys models, at scale and responsibly.”

GreenLake for LLMs Availability

The initial instance of HPE GreenLake for LLMs will be hosted at QScale, in their Lévis, Québec campus.

It will be available in the second half of 2023 in North America, with availability expanding to Europe in 2024.

HPE selected Canada to host GreenLake for LLMs, it said, because it is committed to sustainable computing, and QScale’s facilities are powered with nearly 100 percent renewable energy.