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Google Cloud Platform, Scale Computing Deliver Hybrid IT for MSPs

Rubrik Channel Chief Bertrand Yansouni
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After a somewhat belated start, Google Cloud Platform is partnering with various technology companies to more effectively engage MSPs. Those relationships, in turn, could attract more SMB customers toward Google's IaaS, SaaS and PaaS services.

The latest examples include Google partnerships with:

Here's a closer look at the Scale relationship.

Scale and Google: Hybrid Done Right?

MSP customers are generally stuck in their ways when it comes to their business applications. However, they want to be able to do their work at any time in any location. Without a cloud environment, this requires a VPN to remotely access on-premises applications. But VPNs can be can be difficult to set up and manage. As more applications continue to move to the cloud, those client-server businesses are left behind struggling with old technology. Amid that reality, the ability to move applications to and from the cloud is becoming an essential tool for IT professionals.

Scale Computing is working with Google to develop a hybrid cloud solution that could make it easy for organizations, including channel partners and MSPS, to move application workloads freely in the cloud or on-premises. Scale claims the new offering, called HC3 Cloud Unity, allows an organizations' apps to use resources in the cloud and on-premises at the same time, and enables apps solely created for on-premises to now run on Google Cloud Platform.

With HC3 running both on-premises and in Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Unity creates a virtual LAN that seamlessly bridges an on-premise local LAN with the private virtual network on GCP, the companies claims. This allows IT organizations to connect to the cloud in real time from their on-premises infrastructure -- leveraging storage, compute, and virtualization in a single solution.

Public Cloud Is Real, But...

Clients are always hesitant to move business-critical applications. There is something comforting about having all of your company data safely within your business network. IT professionals, however, understand that technology is changing rapidly, and these businesses will need to do something to keep up.

If Scale Computing's approach works as advertised, it may help business owners get on board with hybrid cloud services -- while also easing overall management for IT pros and channel partners.

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