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Fuze Unified Communications Gain AppNeta Network Monitoring Services

Fuze and AppNeta are partnering on a real-time network monitoring service. The result: Fuze unified communications customers should gain visibility into network performance, and the ability to resolve performance issues before they affect the quality of communications.

The relationship reinforces the growing bond between cloud-based application providers and third-party management platform developers. While Fuze focuses on its core unified communications services, the company can delegate network and end-user performance monitoring to AppNeta's know-how.

AppNeta's software will allow Fuze customers to pinpoint the root cause of any service-impacting impairments, whether they originate from the customer's network or a third-party network that connects the customer to Fuze's services.

Keith Johnson, CTO of Fuze, said in a prepared statement:

"Our customers' environments and the number of third-party networks used to connect to our service adds complexities that impede on the end user experience. Through customer trials, we've seen that AppNeta helps our customers have access to actionable insights needed to understand the "if," "where," and, mostly, the "why" behind any end-user issue impacting the quality of their experience."

AppNeta's real-time network monitoring service is available now on the Fuze platform, and can be obtained through Fuze sales and select channel partners.

Both Fuze and AppNeta have been in growth mode. Fuze subscription revenue grew 50 percent in 2017 vs. 2016, the company says. Key customers include Frederique Constant, PTC, and The Rockport Group. Meanwhile, AppNeta attracted private equity funding earlier this year.