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DataStax Launches Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud Services

DataStax has launched its DataStax Managed Cloud services on Microsoft Azure. The company describes the new Azure service as a fully managed data layer upon which enterprises can build applications. The underlying technology involves Apache Cassandra, the free and open source distributed NoSQL database management system.

DataStax Managed Cloud was originally launched in 2017 for Amazon Web Services (AWS) shortly after acquiring the company DataScale. The offering functions as a managed service of the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) data platform.

“The solution requires no re-write of applications against every cloud provider’s proprietary data services and allows the creation of APIs and micro-services architectures to a consistent data layer,” the company says.

The offering allows users to offload operational tasks to DataStax, including backup and recovery, upgrades, security patches, and performance optimization. Enterprises will also be able to span or migrate across data center, public cloud, or both, while remaining in control of their data, the company says.

“Our expanded collaboration allows enterprises to have a seamless move to the cloud and, most importantly, data autonomy,” said Matt Rollender, VP of global business development. “Plus, with DataStax Managed Cloud on Azure, enterprises will reap the benefits of our team of experts, who have run the largest deployments of DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra in the world.”

The company's partner ecosystem includes some key names like Accenture, Capgemini and Deloitte.