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Datadog Adds Windows Server Monitoring of Live Traffic

Credit: Joe Panettieri

Datadog's Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) platform now monitors the performance of network communications between applications running on Windows Server and Linux, the company says.

The development could catch the attention of MSPs and systems integrators that already run Datadog for infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM) and log management.

Datadog NPM enables monitoring of distributed traffic across on-premises and cloud environments. The result: Organizations and partners can spot cost and performance bottlenecks, and isolate the root cause of application and infrastructure issues, Datadog asserts.

In a prepared statement about the Window Server support, Ilan Rabinovitch, VP of product and community, Datadog, said:

"At Datadog, we are pushing the boundaries of what it means to holistically monitor Windows Server workloads by analyzing every aspect of their health, from infrastructure, application, network through to security. With this latest development, we're excited to create new opportunities for all Windows Server customers to isolate the root cause of their app issues, whether they be upstream code errors, heavy network traffic, or regional outages.”

The Windows Server support arrives amid growing demand for Datadog's cloud-based monitoring tools. Datadog revenue was $178 million in Q4 of 2020, up 56 percent compared to Q4 of 2019, the company disclosed in February of 2021.

Key Datadog rivals include such monitoring platforms as Cisco AppDynamics, Dynatrace, LogicMonitor and New Relic, among others.