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Cloud Pricing Comparison Tool for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google

As we mentioned previously, estimating cloud transformation costs can be a daunting task. Especially when trying to decide which platform to select. The competition between Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure can make the decision even more difficult. Each platform will have its own sets of tools, features and pricing structures. It can be extremely time-consuming to evaluate all of the available options.

To help make the decision a little easier DoubleHorn, an Austin-based cloud solutions provider and services broker, has released the DoubleHorn Marketplace, an interactive pricing tool designed to provide transparency and eliminate guesswork when evaluating costs for cloud services the company claims. The tool is used to help decision makers understand pricing models and enable users to compare services based on price and key characteristics.

DoubleHorn Marketplace: How It Works

The Marketplace is live on the DoubleHorn website now. When you visit the main website there are a few selectors at the top of the screen including RAM and number of Cores required. Clicking "Find Prices" will bring you over to the Marketplace where you will see all of the available options and prices with the criteria you searched for. When you find a few products you would like to compare further, you can drag them to the top of the screen to get a better comparison breakdown between the options.

Visitors to the site are able to see instant pricing options customized to the three major cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. The pricing options include the retail price as well as DoubleHorn’s exclusive pricing. Once you have found attractive options, you can generate a custom PDF to present to decision makers.

Transparent pricing such as this can be a risky move for companies, but one that is definitely appreciated by customers who are trying to decide which solutions are best for their company. I actually appreciate when I can see exactly how much something is going to cost without having to sit through a presentation or a sales call. I usually want to have all of my research done prior to contacting a sales professional, and when companies require a phone call or an email address just to see how much something costs, it is definitely a deterrent for me.

I think tools like this can be incredibly beneficial both for the company and for the customer. If I am able to do this kind of research directly on the DoubleHorn website, it would make me more likely to sign up for their services, I'm sure that is the attitude the company is banking on by releasing this tool.