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Botmetric: AWS Cloud Cost Management Meets Alexa


Botmetric today announced the release of its prototype cloud savings calculator with Amazon Alexa voice integration. It's the latest in a growing list of cloud cost management tools that will surface at this week's AWW re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

The new offering -- called the Botmetric Prototyping Cloud Savings Measurement Module -- is designed with the hopes of maximizing cloud savings for customers and channel partners. The solution offers budgeting and forecasting guidance for cloud management.

Amazon Alexa integration allows users to get information about cloud spending patterns through simple voice commands, Botmetric claims. The tool looks for savings in resources that are either unused or underutilized and makes suggestions to help right-size resources.

Through various voice commands, users can access different information via Botmetric’s Amazon Alexa integration. Some of the commands include:

  1. AWS account cost summary: Say, “Alexa, ask Botmetric for my AWS cost summary.”
  2. AWS account’s projected cost: Say, “Alexa, ask Botmetric for my projected cost.
  3. Top 5 services by cost: Say, “Alexa, ask Botmetric for my top 5 services.”
  4. Last month’s spending: Say, “Alexa, ask Botmetric for my last month’s spend.”
  5. Yesterday’s spending: Say, “Alexa, ask Botmetric for my yesterday’s spend.”

Cloud Cost Controls

Keeping costs down and predictable is integral for companies migrating to the cloud. According to Botmetric’s own data, cloud cost management is the most important priority for 77 percent of midsize and enterprise cloud users.

Moreover, RightScale, an enterprise cloud management company, has seen that companies waste, on average, 35 percent of their cloud spend. This equates to $6.4 billion in annualized wasted cost for AWS alone. For the top three public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform), this represents an annualized waste of $10 billion, RightScale asserts.

“Botmetric has always been about simplifying cloud management,” CEO Vijay Rayapati said in a prepared statement. “Voice command integration with the leading intelligent personal assistant device, Amazon Alexa, makes this a reality for companies struggling with cost certainty for their cloud computing resources. It goes beyond typical reporting to voice interaction.”

Botmetric’s Asia Pacific Roots

Botmetric is the flagship product of Santa Clara-based Minjar, a company that specializes in helping companies migrate to the cloud. Minjar began operating in Bangalore in 2012.

Botmetric was launched two years later. In that time Minjar became the only company in the Asia Pacific region to become a Premier Partner with AWS. The company has also built a partnership with Microsoft Azure.

According to Inc42, which covers business and technology in India, Minjar was initially angel funded by industry veterans from the likes of Cisco Systems, VMware, Facebook and more. In 2016 it raised $1 million in funding and has been working toward a $5 million in annual recurring revenue milestone.