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RMM Software: Barracuda MSP’s Managed Workplace Revenue Clues


When Barracuda Networks acquired Managed Workplace from Avast in early 2019, the niche deal didn't turn too many heads in the IT channel. Still, it caught ChannelE2E's attention for multiple reasons back when the deal was announced -- and again this week.

Managed Workplace, originally developed by the former Level Platforms, was an early leader in the RMM (remote monitoring and management) software market for MSPs (managed IT services providers). The software's early tagline -- essentially "See All, Manage All" -- provided a grand vision for the emerging MSP market in the 2005 timeframe or so.

In terms of market share, Managed Workplace had a respectable footprint through about 2010, but the original owner (Level Platforms) got squeezed as ConnectWise, Continuum, Kaseya and SolarWinds MSP (and more recently, Datto) each rolled up multiple tools and technologies into their respective MSP platforms. The picture for Managed Workplace further weakened as the software bounced from one owner (Level Platforms) to another (AVG) and to another (Avast), and modern MSP software upstarts like NinjaRMM gained momentum.

So why mention Managed Workplace here -- today? The answer involves new revenue clues about the RMM software platform, and what Barracuda may have planned for the offering.

Managed Workplace: Annual Revenue Clues

Indeed, Managed Workplace generated "low teen revenue" in 2018, according to former owner Avast -- which made the disclosure this week as part of a revenue statement to describe its current and former business operations.

Read between the lines and Managed Workplace likely generated about $13 million to $15 million in annual revenue for Avast in 2018, ChannelE2E believes. That's not a big figure, considering multiple rival RMMs now generate $100 million-plus in annual revenues, according to ChannelE2E's estimates. Still, the Avast disclosure offers some context for how Barracuda MSP may move forward with the RMM software.

Barracuda, which has security and data protection momentum with MSPs, acquired the RMM software mainly to engage more MSPs outside of the United States. Conventional wisdom says the U.S. now has a mature base of MSPs running PSA and RMM tools. But multiple international markets offer less mature, faster-growth opportunities.

Managed Workplace: Barracuda MSP's Opportunity

There are also cross-sell and upsell opportunities here for Barracuda -- including promoting:

  • Barracuda MSP's security, backup and data protection solutions to the Managed Workplace installed base.
  • Managed Workplace to Barracuda VARs worldwide that have yet to select an RMM platform.
  • the entire Barracuda suite to the entire Managed Workplace customer database -- including MSPs that may have abandoned Managed Workplace in recent years.

Barracuda never disclosed how much it paid for Managed Workplace. ChannelE2E suspects it was a bargain basement deal. But those types of deals -- low cost, high value -- often deliver surprisingly big returns...

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.