You Should Be a Marketing Company 

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“You should be a marketing company...” 

Chris Wiser, CEO, 7-Figure MSP
Chris Wiser, CEO, 7-Figure MSP

I still remember the first time I said that to an MSP and the look of disbelief on their face. 

But it’s true for you, too. You should be a marketing and sales company …. That sells MSP services. 

Here’s the thing: 

  • Too many MSP’s or tech business owners that I meet are way too focused on the day to day. On the tech side of things.
  • On fixing every computer, updating every software, and essentially backing themselves into a job that is probably worse than the one you walked away from to start this business.

If you want to take your business from a one-man shop with endless hours and crappy pay, you need to become a marketing and sales company first, and an IT company second. 

Basically? You need to start acting like a business owner. 

  • You need to get a solid sales strategy in place.
  • You need a strong marketing plan.
  • And YOU need to focus on growing those things for your business.

Stop waiting for the next break/fix to come in and go out and build the business you really want (and maybe even take a weekend off.) 

Is your IT Company a business… or a crappy job? 

Entrepreneur and former MSP owner Chris Wiser is founder and CEO of 7-Figure MSP and digital marketing firm The Wiser Agency. Read more 7-Figure MSP guest blogs here.