Who Sets Your Support Priorities? (Hint: It Shouldn’t Be Your Tech Team)

One of the most difficult parts of owning a services business is developing, standardizing and then meeting SLAs. While most MSPs, including our own This Solution, have standard agreement levels with our customers, the standardization comes with variances and exceptions within those contracts as we tweak for size or location, response time tolerance, unique vertical demands, etc.

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Keeping tabs on the details of contracts can be painstaking and time-consuming. More importantly, while executing against those contracts and SLAs is definitely a team effort, managing them is not. Unfortunately, many MSPs don’t quite understand that and they end up leaving the management of project and ticket details —which customer and project combination is a priority—to their tech team members to determine, which is not only ineffective but can be costly.

Let’s be clear, you hire your techs for their skill with technology, not to be the hallway monitors for your customer contracts. Asking them to do that is simply setting them up for frustration and your business up for potential failure.

Take the Guesswork Out of SLAs

As a manager, I want to have my SLAs integrated into my services automation tool. With ServiceTree, once a contract is in the solution, support tickets are intelligently routed by customer, project, SLA and more to ensure the right ticket is getting to the right tech at the right time. No longer will your techs have to look at a list of tickets from multiple customers and waste time trying to determine the next step.

Why is this important? Not only does our PSA integration enable the manager charged with coordinating your SLAs with a full line of sight into real-time activities tied to each contract, it keeps your technicians from having to look up each contract every time a ticket hits. More effective, more timely, more accurate - that is what a good services automation tool should do for your MSP business.

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Guest blog courtesy of ServiceTree. Read more ServiceTree guest blogs here.