Owning The cloud Is More Than Just A Catchy Headline

Green grass and Dollar currency shaped clouds

Since the start of the pandemic, our MSP and IT Pro partners have been the ones responsible for enabling the infrastructure to support the new hybrid workforce and transition the businesses around them to the cloud. As these new paradigms continue to embed themselves in our business realities, you, as MSPs and IT Pros, are perfectly placed to take control of the challenges of moving to the cloud and helping your customers and your organizations take advantage of the opportunities they bring.

John Pagliuca, CEO, N-able
Author: John Pagliuca, president and CEO, N-able

And you’ve never been in a better position to do this with all the talent you have, the understandings you have of business models, and the tools you have at your disposal.

Regardless of vertical or sector, with the exception of some nuances around compliance and regulation, everyone (including you as MSPs) is turning to the cloud to solve the same key issues: greater security, better productivity, increased flexibility, more scalability, reduced costs, and increased optimization. And the challenges driving this are based around the same types of questions:

  • How do we build efficiency into our business model?
  • How do we enable a hybrid workforce that wants to work from anywhere?
  • How do we deliver a consumerized experience online?

This is not something that is going to be going away any time soon. As we become more reliant on digital in our industries and it becomes more and more deeply rooted in our economies, the need for support in the cloud is going to increase. And this is only going to be good news for our industry.

Your value is growing

For MSPs, this means your market is growing. Your value is growing, and your customers need you.

So it’s time to give yourselves a reality check: are you really growing your business the right way? Now is the time to assess your business and invest in your success—when things are good and you're in a growth mode. You don't want to have to be doing this when your business is struggling, because you're already distracted, and you are more likely to make irrational decisions.

Working with our elite and super elite partners, we’ve highlighted seven traits of a successful MSP. These MSPs:

  • Standardize their solutions and services stack
  • Automate for efficiency and scale
  • Co-innovate and co-manage
  • Turn security into a differentiator
  • Align with the business goals of customers
  • Deliver exceptional experiences
  • Own the future and own the cloud

Owning the future

Great MSPs future-proof themselves—which means owning the future. And right now, that means owning the cloud. The cloud is going to help you realize a number of benefits in your business, such as improved efficiencies and cost control, alongside increased flexibility, scalability, and agility. It’s also going to help you provide these same benefits to your customers, which will help them build their businesses, too. And if they grow, you grow.

At N-able we’ve built our philosophy around helping our partners scale and grow through developing their people, their processes, and their platforms. A core part of this has always been about keeping one eye on the future, so we can pre-empt trends in the market and help you be in the best position to take advantage of them by providing solutions that can be scaled across your businesses. Owning the cloud is the latest step in this journey.

That’s why we place so much focus on listening to our partner base and growing our communities. And why we keep in close contact with those of you on the front lines, as well as a handful of key thinkers that are always out there trying to figure out what the next move is for our industry. This is a value I believe we've always brought.

In a similar vein, as MSPs, your customers will be looking to you to lead them on their cloud journey. That’s why owning the cloud is more than just a catchy headline to grab people’s attention, it’s an imperative for IT service providers looking to grow. And you need to get on board now before you’re playing catch up.

John Pagliuca is president and CEO at N-able. Guest blog courtesy of N-Able. Regularly contributed guest blogs are part of MSSP Alert’s sponsorship program.