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10 MSP Predictions for 2022 offers their predictions for what 2022 will bring for MSPs, including the emergence of solo MSPs, an emphasis on cybersecurity and market consolidation.

1. The shift to self-service

Internal IT teams have been trendsetters in coming up with quick ways to resolve end-user tickets quickly and efficiently. With KB articles, chatbots, push notifications, and self-service apps, internal IT teams have taken the lead in helping clients find solutions instantly while reducing ticket loads for technicians. 2022 will be the year where we see more MSPs adopting this trend more than ever before.

2. Emergence of solo-MSPs

There’s no doubt about the predicted rise in co-managed and outsourced IT. With this, we’re going to see more and more solo MSPs emerge to take care of the IT needs of small to mid range businesses.

3. Quest for unified solutions

MSPs lose a lot of their energy switching between platforms, websites, and products to put things together for their business. This has seriously made them look for options that can improve their productivity and operations. MSPs will embrace platforms that enable them to work without having to jump between various tools.

4. Cybersecurity takes centre stage

With cyber hacks taking the headlines, cybersecurity has become the talk of the town and will continue to be a subject of concern for MSPs. And more so as we’re going through a revolution in the way work is done.

5. Servicing remote teams becomes the new normal

Here’s a big change - Remote MSP teams will need to learn to provide their service to clients with totally remote teams. Though this phenomenon has already started seeing traction, 2022 will be the year where implementing good processes for this starts becoming mandatory and no longer an option.

6. Clients get proactive instead of being reactive

To date, clients have asked MSPs questions only when there’s been an issue. But with the fast-changing nature of IT, clients will proactively start questioning MSPs about the why, what, and how of their software and hardware. Questions about cybersecurity will also find a place here.

7. Clients everywhere

Historically, the majority of an MSP's clientele is geographically concentrated around their location. But it’s time this changed! With greater adoption of cloud on the way, MSPs will have the opportunity to service clients from all over the globe. And this brings with it immense business opportunity for MSPs.

8. Market consolidation

As proficient MSPs are no longer geo-fenced because of operational difficulties, clients who have just been managing to survive with their not-so-proficient MSPs will make a shift to better ones. This is a massive opportunity for MSPs with strong value propositions to challenge the incumbents and aggressively capture market share.

9. MSPs and Internal IT teams

The two worlds of MSPs and Internal IT teams will start coming together. Internal IT teams will start leveraging MSPs for specific tasks they might not have the expertise for. This presents MSPs a chance to position themselves as trusted advisers and lend their credibility to open up new lucrative business opportunities.

10. The shift from old to modern

It’s not just about unified solutions; it’s also about how modern the platforms/tools look - MSPs will look to embrace modern tools that look modern and adopt modern technologies. MSPs will not want to be left behind in the race of staying updated.

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