‘IT as a Commodity’ vs. ‘IT as an Essential’

If there is anything we should take away from 2020, it is the importance of being prepared for the unknown. Last year brought a level of uncertainty throughout not only the business community, but the world around us. 

Chris Wiser, CEO, 7-Figure MSP
Chris Wiser, CEO, 7-Figure MSP

It also drew a line in the sand… for those that chose to grow their business and adapt, and those who didn't. 

And oftentimes I am asked what that looks like for an MSP… 

The answer is simple. 

‘IT as a Commodity’ vs ‘IT as an Essential’

What do I mean by that? 

For so long, so many MSPs and IT Business Owners have been selling cybersecurity, managed services and all their services as a commodity -- as an option -- when it is no longer a choice, but a necessity. 

This includes selling Break/Fix. While that’s been the norm, the number one way for you to grow your business and sustain it in 2021 is to shift to Managed Services and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). 

With cyberattacks surging, work from home skyrocketing and the future of tech is riddled with uncertainty -- having a plan in place is no longer an option for ANY business. 


Are you selling it that way? 

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Entrepreneur and former MSP owner Chris Wiser is founder and CEO of 7-Figure MSP and digital marketing firm The Wiser Agency. Read more 7-Figure MSP guest blogs here.