4 Ways Intelligent Alerting can Transform Your MSP Business

Noise reduction has been a big talking point in the MSP industry for years now. MSPs have tried to lower the cacophony for a long time, but the reduction in noise has always come at the cost of visibility. Things needed to change.

For technicians managing thousands of endpoints in each network across clientele, simple alerts add up and avalanche into something overwhelming. At least the trouble is worth it, as long as the alerts help you readily take action against incidents, right? I’m afraid not.


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A report from 2018 states that 82% of IT help desk tickets are not actionable.

That’s a huge number. Imagine going through tens and hundreds of unnecessary alerts and tickets, just to find the handful of incident alerts that are actually important. Alerts get generated at every turn for cascading failures, and you won’t know if they’re all connected to the same issue until you’ve gone through all the tickets to fix the incident.

It has always been a trade-off for MSPs with conventional alert management: more information came at the cost of more noise, and lesser alerts risked the chance of critical incidents slipping through the cracks. MSPs have accepted the noise as a necessary evil, considering the time lost sorting these alerts as an inevitable expenditure.

Technology’s come a long way, and it’s about time we got both benefits without compromise.

That’s why AI-driven intelligent alerting can be a breath of fresh air for MSPs, with modern alert management systems that embrace modern technology to eliminate noise and deliver alerts that truly matter.

Here are 4 ways intelligent alerting can step in and transform your business operations.

Reduced noise and clutter

It’s the most obvious, and meaningful benefit that intelligent alerting brings into your everyday operations. Noise reduction is a core benefit that lays the foundation for a number of other benefits to take shape in your MSP.

The best part about AI is that it keeps learning and improving. AI-powered alert management systems learn the behavior of your client’s assets over time, constantly sharpening its senses and increasing the accuracy of the alerts you get each day. What this does for your MSP is gradually eliminate noise, paving the way for focus and productivity for your MSP.

Better ROI

With great noise reduction comes greater productivity!

When the alerts created are few and precise, your technicians won’t feel like they’re stuck doing grunt work. All they have to worry about is fixing the incident. This increases operational efficiency across the team, and technicians have extra time and energy to focus on more meaningful efforts. All of these extra efforts add to the revenue bottomline and compound over time, bringing more profitability to your MSP.

Features like intelligent alerting aren’t an expense, they’re an investment—a low cost, high impact investment that can do wonders not just for your ROI, but also your everyday business operations.

More context

Even after you’ve taken the time sifting through tickets to find an important alert, you still need to spend time figuring out what the incident is all about, even for the simpler ones. And then it’s repeating the process all over again to find the next incident.

Smarter, AI-driven alerts can connect the dots to create patterns, and clearly outline why an alert was generated. The system assigns a priority to the alert, based on the level of impact. Technicians can quickly skim through the AI-generated snippet of context, immediately understand the issue, and choose their next course of action.

(Here’s a sneak peek into what the added context for an AI-generated alert looks like in

intelligent alert description.jpg

Higher quality of IT services

What do you get when you combine reduced noise, accurate alerts, and incident context for each alert? A better experience for your clients! The time spent finding alerts and gathering context is removed, making way for faster first responses and ticket resolution times. Technicians are empowered to be proactive in spotting and fixing incidents, even before the client notices that there’s something wrong with their asset. Speedy and proactive resolution, especially when critical issues occur are a recipe for customer delight showcase the distinct value you create for them.

Intelligent alerting is one of those features that are very hard to ignore, especially for emerging modern MSPs. It comes with a clear, immediate value proposition and an incredible tool to have in your arsenal.

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