How These VARs Shortened Their Sales Cycles. (You Can, Too!)

When it comes to technology, everything seems to take longer than you’d expect. From the time it takes to boot up your computer in the morning, or the delay you experience waiting for your internet to reconnect, everything takes a lot of time.

If you’re a VAR or an IT solution provider, the longest wait is between the day you start the sales process with a customer and the day you finally close the sale. Sometimes it can feel like forever.

But once in a blue moon, everything comes together to help you defy the odds and close the sale in record time. Read on to find out how two VARs found themselves in a pickle and went on to shorten their sales cycles.

1. Network Magic

Network Magic, a solution provider in the LA area, needed a miracle. One of their law firm clients was using dangerously outdated software for legal document approvals. To escape stiff compliance penalties, they needed to migrate over 100 seats to the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC immediately. The problem? It typically takes 3 weeks to migrate that many users. On top of that, Network Magic was not an authorized Adobe reseller.

What would you do in their situation?

To pull off this trick, Network Magic called in a strategic partner who had a team of Adobe licensing and business account management specialists. Their familiarity with Adobe’s product and processes shortened the migration time to just 24 hours.

The kicker? They even saved 25% on the deal.

Can you say “Alakazaam?”

2. Cluster Networks

Cluster Networks had a great opportunity thrust into their lap when a giant national fruit smoothie chain came to them looking for a bid on a massive security appliance install at their stores across the country. Their problem was they’re a small IT solution provider, not a giant nationwide company with engineers scattered across the fruited plains. How could they hope to compete with the big guys on a 650-site contract deal like this one?

Luckily, the guys at Cluster Networks called in some help. They partnered with a team that had access to a professional services network composed of qualified engineers, and with the help of that partner’s credit team, they got the bid in early and won the business.

Partnering With Ingram Micro

So, how can your business duplicate that kind of success? By partnering with the same people they did—Ingram Micro.

As the world’s largest technology distributor, they listen to VARs voice frustrations about long sales cycles every single day. The difference is, they decided to do something about it.

With agile collaboration and a team of motivated experts, Ingram Micro helped these VARs shorten the sales cycle and win the day.

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