It’s Government, Education Technology Buying Season

Heads-up! If you want to focus on state and local government and education, the SLED (state/local and education) technology buying season is upon us again.

Here are three trends you need to know about:

1. The death of PCs and Chromebooks have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the pipeline in regard to devices (Chromebooks or otherwise) is larger than we’ve ever seen at this time of the year for SLED. This is supported by recent reports from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), which indicate an increase in spending by SLED agencies for 2017.

2. GSA contracts have become much more viable in the SLED space recently. Why? Because as states adopt umbrella contracts—which require multiple bids to be submitted for purchases—the GSA only requires 3 bids. This means they are much easier for end users to manage. Plus, the GSA contract allows reseller partners to offer their end users the opportunity to take an easier route by taking advantage of this alternative purchasing vehicle.

3. Cybersecurity is more essential than ever. With all the recent hacking news—especially the worldwide “WannaCry” attack in mid-June, which hit a record number of individuals and businesses alike—network security is no longer an afterthought. Ransomware attacks are already becoming more and more common, even in the public sector. One recent attack shut down a local county hospital (ECMC) network, which will cost several million dollars to recover.

Make Your SLED Move

With all this in mind, here’s how you should respond:

  • Focus on hardware, software and support—while device sales are on the rise, don’t forget to support your SLED customers with the software they need to run on their devices. Additionally, keep in mind their needs for ongoing technical support after the sale is complete.
  • Lead with the GSA—Your end customers might not have this option at the top of their mind, so be sure to suggest the GSA contract option and highlight the benefits that can help them simplify the buying process.
  • Increase your cyber security expertise—Maybe you’re already ahead of the game on this one, but if you’re not, this is the perfect time to get certified to sell cybersecurity solutions that can help protect your customers from the exponential increase in threats to their critical data.

Need help?

Ingram Micro offers a full line of chrome devices to meet every need and budget. Speak with your Ingram Micro sales representative, or one of our SLED/FED practice managers to become a GSA agent. For a full line of security assessments, as well as the opportunity to interact with a network of partners who are ready to tackle any security remediation, Ingram Micro Professional Services offers all this and more.

Let’s Talk: Contact your Ingram Micro team to find out more about how you can take full advantage of these trends for the current SLED buying season. Call us at (800) 456-8000 or visit us online at

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