Cloud Is Disrupting Everything; Is Your Business Next?

In the world of cloud computing, change is happening faster than ever before—and there’s no end in sight. Regardless of what industry you’re in, disruptive innovation will be the name of the game for decades to come. The question is, “How can you effectively plan for the waves of disruption heading your way?” It’s simple. Become a disruptor. But don’t go it alone, let Ingram Micro Cloud help.

How to navigate and profit from the new paradigm

One of the goals of the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit (coming April 19–21), is to educate you and send you back to your business with the competitive tools, technological insights and business strategies that will help you start to turn your business into a disruptor—immediately.

Marc Randolph

But the summit is about more than that, it’s a rich opportunity to interact with and learn from high-profile disruptive innovators like Marc Randolph, the cofounder and CEO of Netflix. Netflix did more than identify and act on the opportunity to bring videos to consumers in a new way; the company continued to disrupt the status quo by delivering streaming content to members when and where they wanted it, ultimately transforming—and disrupting—the entire home entertainment industry.

Jim McKelvey

You’ll also meet Jim McKelvey, the cofounder of Square, who forever changed how consumers and small retail shops process payments by turning mobile devices into user-friendly point-of-sale solutions. Now, Square is expected to further disrupt the payments industry as its newest technologies reach the mainstream.

One of the biggest challenges faced by any business leader is finding the time for inspiration alongside education, but at the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, you’ll find both: access and encouragement from two world-class disruptors, as well as the chance to share best practices and brainstorm the future with more than 1,500 cloud innovators and much more. That combo of conversation and education makes an impact. In fact, when you look at the business growth of partners who attended Cloud Summit the last two years, you’ll find that, together, their combined revenue grew by $13.7 million. That’s an average of 113% growth for each partner.

When you look at this increasingly complex marketplace and its impact on your business, it can be overwhelming. Cloud Summit can help you rise above the noise to better navigate the opportunity of cloud. That’s because Ingram Micro sees cloud not just as a single technology, but as a foundational platform to run and drive a whole new way of doing business.

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