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5 Reasons MSPs Choose Pax8 as Their Essential Cloud Marketplace

As a managed service provider (MSP), finding a reliable place to purchase and provision cloud solutions is a fundamental part of providing great service to your clients. But to truly unleash the potential of your MSP, you need a partner who understands the industry, and your business, inside and out. That’s why MSPs increasingly are choosing Pax8 as their cloud marketplace of choice, taking advantage of a dynamic marketplace that propels them toward accelerated growth, streamlined operations, and fortified risk management.

Here are five reasons why you should choose Pax8 as your cloud marketplace.

Reason 1: Take advantage of an integrated, tech-forward approach

Pax8 amplifies the way IT professionals buy, sell, and manage cloud solutions with A.I.-driven insights, world-class expertise, and a commitment to education and enablement. In addition, the award-winning technology behind the Pax8 Marketplace is always evolving and as a partner, you’ll get access to next-generation features such as advanced data visualization, efficient tooling, and tailored product recommendations to uncover new opportunities for business growth.

That’s all on top of the ability to consolidate your billing, automate your provisioning, and integrate with industry-leading PSA tools. By combining provisioning with data intelligence, Pax8 doesn’t merely provide cloud solutions to MSPs and their end customers; it revolutionizes how MSPs approach their business.

Reason 2: Tap into the tools to grow your business

Pax8 offers a diverse spectrum of cloud solutions through the Pax8 Marketplace, creating a gateway to revenue diversification and market penetration.

For example, if you start selling a core productivity solution like Microsoft 365, there is ample opportunity to grow into categories like security, continuity, infrastructure, and more. Once you have earned the trust of your clients, you can use that opportunity to provide new categories of solutions through the Marketplace.

To get up to speed on new solutions and categories, Pax8 offers Pax8 Academy, a comprehensive way to learn and hone new skills, backed by an entire support team of MSP experts, coaches, and peers. With 9,000 partner organizations and counting, Pax8 Academy provides an entire team of MSP experts and coaches, with a collective 600 years’ worth of experience, to help propel your business forward. From On-Demand and Instructor-Led learning opportunities to Peer Groups to Business Coaching, Pax8 will equip your organization with world-class expertise, top vendors, and real-time resources designed to help you grow.

However, not everyone has the time or resources to learn every facet of the cloud. That’s why Pax8 also has a Professional Services team that complements your business with added bandwidth and expertise, allowing you to expand your offerings while focusing on strategic initiatives. Pax8ProServices helps MSPs tackle projects such as cloud architecture and enablement, migration services, security strategy and enablement, and custom projects.

In a tech world that never stops evolving, Pax8 supports MSPs at every stage of the maturation journey. From startup to scale-up, Pax8 provides the tools, support, and enablement necessary to realize untapped growth.

Reason 3: Streamline operations and maximize efficiency

Maximizing efficiency isn’t a “nice-to-have”; it’s what separates profitable MSPs from the rest. Operational complexities often pose challenges for MSPs of all stages of maturity, and Pax8 helps you address these challenges head-on by allowing you to quote, order, bill, and provision cloud solutions in one place, all with one monthly bill. This alleviates having to juggle vendors and marketplaces, allowing you to focus on your high-level strategy of profitability and maturation. Vendor APIs ensure you have the fastest provisioning in the business, while seamless PSA integrations allow you to manage all your provisioning with your preferred PSA tool. In fact, Pax8 offers 98.5% fully automated provisioning and the wait-time for manual provisioning is less than 15 minutes.1

In addition, billing is simplified into monthly, annual, and usage-based tiers, eliminating the need for manual processing—saving our partners an average of 7-10 hours per month.2 The Pax8 Marketplace delivers a single, easy-to-read invoice and visually reports on your month-over-month revenue and margin, allowing you to quickly see and share metrics on how your business is performing.

Finally, Pax8 created our 24/7 support team to alleviate the burden on our partners by doing the heavy lifting of technical support. With more than 90 certifications in-hand, our team solves 85% of requests in-house and working directly with vendors to resolve what we cannot.

Reason 4: Mitigate your risk

As digital threats become increasingly complex and pervasive, it’s never been more important to secure your own data as well as that of your clients. Pax8 takes cybersecurity seriously and helps you ensure you’re protected with 24/7 support and access to a global community of IT experts, in addition to cybersecurity courses, webcasts, training, and more. Visit our cybersecurity hub to see all the ways we help our partners reduce their risk.

In the Pax8 Marketplace, you’ll gain access to a robust suite of cybersecurity solutions to build your, and your end customers’, cybersecurity stack, including identity protection, endpoint security, email security, network and web security, continuity, and offsite backups. This enables you to take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity, fortifying your operations against potential breaches and building trust and credibility with your clients.

Reason 5: Stay connected to your industry

It’s easy to get lost in the technical and operational needs of running an MSP and forget about community. And Pax8 is dedicated to fostering a sense of community that builds connections beyond the digital realm.

Pax8 holds its own partner events, such as the annual Pax8 Beyond and upcoming Pax8 Momentum, which host sessions with vital information on subjects such as cybersecurity and business operations as well as the opportunity to network with peers, vendors, and thought leaders alike. Monthly Launch Briefings help you get started with Pax8, while monthly Mission Briefings offer tips, tricks, and proven strategies to increase sales and boost security. Pax8 is also on hand at numerous channel events around the country, giving you tons of opportunities to get the most of your affiliation with Pax8 as well as engage with a network of like-minded industry leaders. Partnering with Pax8 means taking part in an environment of continuous learning, innovation, and shared growth.

Join the cloud Marketplace that powers infinite growth

With its integrated approach to cloud provisioning, tailored opportunities, future-forward technology, and a focus on building profitability, efficiency, security, and community, Pax8 empowers MSPs to follow the path to success. In fact, over the course of three years, Pax8 partners have shown ROI of 249% and more than $350,000 in improved selling opportunities.3

Guest blog courtesy of Pax8.