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5 Little Known Facts about After Nines Inc.

Good morning, channel partners. Here are five little known facts about After Nines Inc. -- ChannelE2E's parent to start your day for Thursday, November 12, 2015. Actually, this update involves 12 little known facts (gulp). 12. Joe and I decided to launch our previous business (Nine Lives Media Inc., sold in 2011) behind an island in 2008 during a kayak race in the Berkshires, MA. 11. After exiting our previous business, we made plans to launch After Nines Inc. while sipping on "adult beverages" in our backyards. 10. Our corporate mascot is KitKat, a cat clock. 9. Neither of us have cats, and we have no intention of getting any. 8. We thought (very seriously) about launching a blog about drones. 7. Starbucks is known as “the mothership”; Joe’s drink of choice is pumpkin spice latte; mine is grande non-fat cappuccino 6. We both drink way too much coffee. 5. We both have parents who live in The Villages in Florida. You probably do too, right? 4. Our favorite corporate terms are “Joe Smith” “TBG” and “When did you enter the room?” 3. Joe LOVES amusement parks and we rarely travel together to Florida or California without visiting at least one. I stand in line with Joe on the big coasters and then get out of line at the “last chance to chicken out” sign. 2. We made our first ChannelE2E business pitch to a man in his underwear who was ironing his pants in a hotel room. Thankfully for this unnamed gent, it was not a video call... And, the #1 little known fact about After Nines Inc. 1. We absolutely love coming to work every day and building a platform for thoughtful conversation in the IT Channel. OK, so you probably already knew that - sorry I couldn’t release any additional secrets….
Amy Katz

Amy Katz is a technology entrepreneur who has launched, built and sold a range of IT media platforms. As president and CEO of After Nines Inc., she oversees business development, sales and finance for the overall company and ChannelE2E.