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Moovila Integrates AI-driven Project Management with HaloPSA


AI-driven project management platform Perfect Project from Moovila is introducing a native HaloPSA integration for MSPs.

Moovila said that the integration enables Halo users to access a range of advanced project management features designed to streamline project workflows, forecast dates, and detect potential problems 24/7.

The HaloPSA integration is a momentum move for both HaloPSA and Moovila. HaloPSA executive Tim Barton-Wines has said the PSA company is onboarding 300 new MSPs for month and has many many integrations with MSP tool companies and other software companies, too.

On the Moovila side, the HaloPSA integration marks its second PSA integration. The company also integrates with ConnectWise PSA and was at IT Nation Connect last year talking about how MSPs can leverage project management software. CEO Mike Psenka told ChannelE2E that integration with Autotask (now part of Kaseya) is coming soon. Psenka is eyeing other PSAs, too, as the company considers its next integration move.

How MSPs Manage Projects

Many MSPs use their ticketing software to manage projects, Psenka told ChannelE2E in an interview. That’s not always the best approach.

Psenka’s background is in data and analytics and as he founded Moovila he set out to digitally transform the project management category by applying artificial intelligence to processes. The company is bootstrapped and has a heavyweight strategic partner from a totally different industry, Komatsu, that has helped to fund the company and encourage it to go global so that Moovila is now coming to the MSP market with a higher level of maturity, according to Psenka.

Psenka said that the problem with how MSP’s PSA platforms work on projects is that they just consider them to be “a bunch of tickets as opposed to this structured work effort with dependencies, durations, capacity conflicts across a large portfolio of work. And this project work is becoming more and more important for these businesses. If they don't manage these projects efficiently, it really damages their margin and damages customer success and customer reputation because they're not managing expectations.”

A classic use case for project management in the MSP market is client onboarding, Psenka said. He said that Moovila provides MSPs with tools to analyze the performance of onboarding for cost efficiency, the communications associated with onboarding and many of the other important components that can impact an MSP’s bottom line.

One case in point on projects and project management could come from Karl Bickmore’s recent presentation about Secure Onboarding at channel cybersecurity conference Right of Boom. Bickmore is CEO and one of the founders of MSP Snap Tech IT. During his presentation he told the story of how he’s evolved his onboarding process over the years, but not without some pain along the way. The most painful instance was one where he had scoped and priced an onboarding for a client at 60 hours and it ended up taking 450 hours – a cost that Bickmore’s company had to eat.

Perfect Project HaloPSA Integration Features

Moovila said that features of the integration of its platform with HaloPSA include:

  • Accurate project portfolio insights
  • One-click timeline, ticket, and resource updates across projects
  • Project risk detection weeks or months in advance
  • Bi-directional sync ensures consistency of project data

"This integration brings better management and visibility of complex professional services projects to HaloPSA users," Psenka said in a prepared statement. "We've listened to the needs of MSPs and responded with a solution that not only addresses their desire for advanced project management features, but also integrates seamlessly with their existing systems.”

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