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ASGN Acquires Intersys For $67 Million


ASGN Incorporated, a technology services provider working in the commercial and government sectors, has acquired Intersys Consulting for $67 million in cash.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Intersys provides solutions within the technology, consumer, healthcare, and financial sectors. The firm has regional offices in various U.S. cities and an office in Guadalajara, Mexico. The deal will see Intersys become part of ASGN’s Apex Systems division, bolstering its capabilities in digital innovation and enterprise solutions, the company said.

Intersys anticipates it will see approximately $31 million in revenue this year along with double-digit revenue growth in 2020. As part of the deal, ASGN granted restricted stock unit awards to 15 Intersys employees amounting to around 50,000 shares.

Ted Hanson, President and CEO, ASGN
Ted Hanson, President and CEO, ASGN

ASGN President and Chief Executive Officer Ted Hanson commented on the deal:

“Intersys' industry expertise combined with the Company's deep focus on developing long standing customer relationships, fits well with ASGN's own mission to provide high-end technology services to accounts in each of the end markets we serve. The Apex and Intersys combination strengthens our vision of merging industry expertise and technology solutions capabilities with our unparalleled account relationships and unique approach to provision consultants on a just-in-time basis for projects in a way that sets us apart from the competition.”

Intersys Chief Executive Officer Jeff Schmalbach also commented:

“This transaction enables us to market our current capabilities to a significantly larger group of customers and bring new solutions to the clients we serve today. ASGN is a multi-billion dollar IT services provider and one of the fastest growing companies in the marketplace. Our clients will immediately benefit from the expanded service offerings and added capability to scale and increase velocity. Both our business and that of Apex Systems have always revolved around doing what is in the best interests of our clients, and this combination further reinforces that mission.”

Founded in 1985, ASGN is headquartered in Calabasas, California and has more than 3,600 employees. The company is the second-largest IT staffing firm in the United States, according to Staffing Industry Analysts.