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AI, Ethics and Data: A Watershed Moment?

Recent events have triggered debate about the ethical impact of the use of data-driven technology, artificial intelligence & machine learning in democratic societies. techUK weighs in with perspectives.

How Do We Fix the Technology Industry Gender Pay Gap?

Many companies in the tech sector are working to correct their gender pay gap. TechUK describes some areas of progress, along with potential next moves to ensure equal pay…


Privacy and Compliance: Time to Move Fast and Fix Things…

Over the last few years there has been intense discussion and real progress on the culture, regulation and ethics of technology. techUK CEO Julian David explains.

Will GDPR Change the Data Protection World?

Data protection remains in the headlines. Facebook apologizes after personal data was accessed for political purposes. Next up: The GDPR deadline in May.

One for the Boys…

Jacqueline de Rojas, techUK president, outlines what men can do to be good allies to women in tech, and celebrates the men who are helping to improve diversity.

Will The United Kingdom’s Open Banking Invite the Fraudsters in?

‘Open Banking’ in the UK puts into place the infrastructure and the rules needed to enable new types of financial service to work. TechUK explains.

How Will 5G Wireless Mobile Networks Impact Us?

When 5G wireless mobile networks arrive, a range of new services and applications could surface. Here’s a sampling according to techUK.

Encryption vs. Extremism: We Must Separate the Debates

Encryption is here to stay. But a new approach between government, industry & civil society is required. TechUK explains why.

Brexit And The EU (Withdrawal) Bill: Five Things to Know

Formally known as the Repeal Bill, the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, is a crucial part of the Brexit process. TechUK explains the issues to know.


Government Contracts in the Digital Age: The UK View

The UK government is doing ongoing work to develop ‘contracts for the digital age.’ Here’s a look at the progress so far according to techUK.