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Remote Desktop Vs Cloud Computing? Why You Should Use Both

Remote desktop and cloud computing work better together. Synoptek explains the similiarities, differences and benefits of integration.

Business Intelligence vs Advanced Analytics: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between business intelligence and advanced analytics? What are the benefits of each? Synoptek explains.

How Big Data and AI Work Together

In a world inundated with growing volumes of data, embracing tech like big data and AI are a great way to change the game. Synoptek explains.

10 Cloud Security Best Practices

Synoptek explains how to navigate cloud security using cloud security best practices to ensure your cloud infrastructure is protected 24√ó7.

Improve Digital Transformation With Continuous Testing

As software quality becomes synonymous with digital success, continuous testing is a critical requirement for digital transformation.

5 Considerations for Cybersecurity Risk Management

A strong cybersecurity risk management strategy includes elements of data loss prevention, access control, endpoint protection, and network security.

Three Ways the Internet of Things Improves Field Service

IoT-enabled infrastructure reporting to field service personnel speeds issue resolution & enhances client satisfaction. Synoptek explains how.