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Why Do We Call Them Customer Objections?

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Customer objections don’t have to be adversarial. Instead, David Brock believes they can open up more fulfilling conversations.

Predictable Revenue and Wild Sales Team Guesses

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Partners in Excellence’s David Brock believes there’s a better way to make sales deals and revenue much more predictable.

The Great Customer Resignation

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Like our employees, our customers are looking for meaning in their relationships with businesses, as David Brock explains.

How Customers Qualify Technology Partners

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Customers are constantly qualifying sales people. David Brock explains why it’s critical to earn the right to continue being considered.

Why Are We Satisfied With Poor Win Rates?

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David Brock asks why sales leaders aren’t alarmed by poor win rates, and why they aren’t seeking to drive those rates higher.

Top Sales Leaders Do More of This

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Top performers do a lot of the same things that poor performers do, so what drives the difference? David Brock explains.

Technology Sales Proposals: Which Decision Maker Said No and Why

Consensus isn’t just about everyone saying yes, it’s the avoidance of saying no. Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains.

In Praise of ‘Lazy’ Salespeople

There’s more to success than just hard work or the ability to overcome adversity. David Brock admires ‘lazy’ salespeople who work smarter, not harder.

The New, Modern Sales Process for Technology Services

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Today’s sales processes have to be designed very differently. David Brock explores the eight necessary elements for success.

Why Many Buying Journeys Fail

A full 54% of committed customer buying efforts end in no decision made; David Brock explains how to help the buying journey succeed.