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Posts by David Brock

Smartphone Unified Communications

Sales Prospecting: How Much Pre-call Research?

How much pre-call research do you need to do to be effective in your sales and customer prospecting? Frankly, it’s a really loaded question. But here’ some guidance.

Build Vs Buy: Your Customers’ Technology Debate

The “make-versus-buy” decision is a rational process our customers go through in solving their problems. There should be no remorse about choosing to buy rather than building a solution on your own.

Think It’s Hard To Sell? It’s Harder To Buy!

The next time your sales team complains about customer indecision, ask them if they have ever considered the sales process and buying process from the customer point of view. David Brock explains why.

Can Revenue Really Be Predictable?

Building predictable revenue streams is nothing new to sales. A more interesting question is, “What drives unpredictability in revenue, and what can we do about that?”

Account-Based Upselling: What We Get Wrong

What do we get wrong about growing our existing customer accounts? Here are the painful answers.

The Sales Tragedy Of “No Decision Made”

Roughly 50 to 60 percent of sales proposals end in “No Decision Made.” That’s frustrating for sales people. But the real tragedy involves the customer indecision. Here’s why.

Design Your Sales Calls For Success

What if you and your customer designed the meeting with the common purpose of “How do we move forward on this project as aggressively as possible?” David Brock explains.

Developing Management And Leadership Talent

Not everyone wants to go into management and not everyone is qualified. Here’s how to groom your sales team members for management positions.

Sales and Revenue Forecast Meetings: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Sales and revenue forecasting isn’t easy. But we have to be responsible to ourselves, our management, our company and our customers. Here are multiple mistakes to avoid.

Sales People Need Help? Do Less, Not More

The new mantra seems to be, “We need to do more to help our sales people succeed!” But maybe it’s time to do less — not more.