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Posts by David Brock

Who Are Your Target Customers (Now)?

Too often, our marketing attempts to reach everyone who fogs a mirror. Instead of casting a wider net — focus on where you can have the biggest impact.

Sales Prospecting Tips Amid the Pandemic

There are big technology sales opportunities amid the coronavirus pandemic. But we need to be very focused & selective with those we prospect.

Pricing vs. Discounting Strategies: Do You Know the Difference?

People confuse pricing strategies and discounting. They are different! And it’s important to understand that difference as part of your sales and value creation efforts.

Customer People

Role Clarity for Sales People: 20 Questions to Consider

Sales team members need to understand their jobs/roles–not just the activities, metrics & compensation plan. They need a deeper understanding & context.

Happy Sad Drama

How Employee Performance Reviews Can Kill Corporate Culture

Most performance management systems are broken from Day One. Somehow, we must make them more relevant, more useful and more fair if we are ever to drive sustained performance improvement.

Predictable Revenues: Rethink the Selling and Buying Relationship

Redefine how you look at your sales challenge. Instead, help customers achieve their goals and solve their problems through predictable purchases.

When Sales Managers Don’t Use CRM…

If we, as managers, don’t leverage business automation and CRM tools. Then we should have no expectation of our teams using them.

The Secret to Sustained Business Success: Disciplined Execution

If we examine what drives and sustains great business and personal performance, it is constancy and disciplined execution. David Brock explains.

Why Sales People and Manager Churn Rates Are Unacceptable

We are completely turning over our organizations–management and sales people — roughly every 3 years. That churn rate is unacceptable.

Great Selling Is Habit Forming

Changing sales habits is more than understanding or learning good habits; it’s about practicing them relentlessly, for days and months. David Brock explains.