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Posts by David Brock

Leadership, Vulnerability, And Being Human

Rather than setting leaders on pedestals, thinking of them as “different,” aren’t we better off thinking of them as human, trying to excel in their jobs–just like all of us?

Are Skills More Important Than Experience?

Here’s what really drives an employee’s performance: A growth-oriented mindset. David Brock of Partners in Excellence explains.

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Product vs Solution Selling

You know the line: “Customers want solutions not products.” But what does that mean to your sales team? David Brock offers some details.

Do Customers Really Have a Buying Process?

Can we really align sales process with our customers’ buying processes. David Brock from Partners in Excellence offers a reality check.

Got the Right Sales People on the Bus? Two Tools Can Help

Here are two basic tools to get the right sales people on the bus and in the right seats. Plus, how to develop their capabilities to perform at the highest levels possible. David Brock explains.

Do Customers Really Want A Frictionless Buying Experience?

In the absence of this friction, we might never move forward. That includes the customer buying process.

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Guiding Our Customers On The Wrong Buying Journey

Website cookies, analytics and machine learning can serve your customers the information they’re seeking. But what if those customers are asking all the wrong questions?

An Alternative To High Pressure Selling

Rather than High Pressure Selling, what if your sales team focused on the customer perspective — and High Urgency Buying?

When Will We Stop Thinking Our Customers Are Stupid?

Far too many sales and marketing people think customers are stupid. That’s downright wrong. Here are the symptoms and the errors of our ways.

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Sales Prospecting: How Much Pre-call Research?

How much pre-call research do you need to do to be effective in your sales and customer prospecting? Frankly, it’s a really loaded question. But here’ some guidance.