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Posts by David Brock


Inbound Sales Leads vs. Outbound Marketing: Rethink Your Assumptions

Some folks are so busy with inbound sales leads that they forget outbound marketing. That’s a big mistake. David Brock explains why.

Can Sales Leaders Self Coach?

There’s a huge amount high performers can and should be doing for themselves. Here are seven steps to more effective self-coaching.

Are You Selfish Enough to Succeed?

Here’s the secret to high performing pragmatically selfish people: They recognize they are dependent on others for their own success. David Brock explains.

10 Ways Sales People Can Make A Difference With Customers

Perhaps instead of asking, “do sales people make a difference,” we should be asking, “how can sales people make a difference?” Here are the answers.

What About Sales Person Retention?

In the age of subscription services and customer churn, you’re increasingly obsessed with customer retention. But don’t forget about sales person retention.

Customers and Sales Teams: We Still Need Each Other

Customers and Salespeople are on diverging paths as we minimize our interactions with each other. Here’s why both sides must reverse that trend.

Fixing the Sales Team Compensation Problem

I always worry when a conversation with a sales executive starts with, “We need to fix our compensation problem.” Here’s why.

Why I Won’t Invest My Time In You

Isn’t it ironic: Too often, we ask prospects and customers to invest their time in us. Yet we haven’t invested the time to earn their time.

Make B2B More Like B2C Sales?

Complex B2B sales involve more people in the process–both directly & indirectly. In B2C, we typically deal with one or very few decision makers.

“The Best Way to Sell Something…”

Awareness, respect and trust are critical, but they are insufficient to drive customers to change or to buy.