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Posts by David Brock

Developing Management And Leadership Talent

Not everyone wants to go into management and not everyone is qualified. Here’s how to groom your sales team members for management positions.

Sales and Revenue Forecast Meetings: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Sales and revenue forecasting isn’t easy. But we have to be responsible to ourselves, our management, our company and our customers. Here are multiple mistakes to avoid.

Sales People Need Help? Do Less, Not More

The new mantra seems to be, “We need to do more to help our sales people succeed!” But maybe it’s time to do less — not more.

Target Archery

What’s Your One Goal for Each Sales Person On Your Team?

We trying to help each sales team member learn, discover, improve and grow. But we inundate them with too many improvement goals. Instead, start with just one goal. Here’s why.

Putting Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes

As sales people, we need to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Organizationally, we need to understand their business, markets, industry, key strategies/drivers, key challenges, how things get done within the company, and more.

How to Get Customers to Talk to Sales People

Perhaps the best way to get customers to talk to us is to first demonstrate our interest in them. And yet, sales people consistently choose to do the opposite…

The Importance Of Establishing A Sales Cadence

In sales, defining the cadence assures us we are doing the right things, at the right time, with the right people. David Brock from Partners In Excellence explains.

The Missing Link In Sales Performance

The percent of sales people achieving their goals is appalling. David Brock explains what’s missing.

Time to Cut Your Sales Expenses?

A corporate controller recently asked me: “How do I chop sales expenses? What should the right level of sales expense be?” But was he asking the right “cost of sales” questions?

Teaching Sales People to Lie?

If you don’t have the courage to reach out, honestly and openly, to people you’ve never met, you have no business being in sales.