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Top 5 Security Challenges for Retailers

Here are the top five security challenges for retailers and best practices for how to tackle them to secure your business.

Going Beyond Security Basics

Organizations must take a fresh look at the security protocols they have in place and go beyond the basics to shore up vulnerabilities.

How to Assess Partner Supply Chain Risks

How to tell if you are at risk because your partners are; or, more accurately, exactly how much risk each of you pose to the partnership.

Rethink Service in Your Customer Experience

Service needs to evolve to be faster, more agile, timely and relevant to deliver better customer experience and drive growth.

We Created the Digital Generation. Now What?

Those who live and work in the realm of technology play a special role in ensuring this world remains a safe, productive and equitable space.

Cloud Cost Optimization: A Pivotal Part of Cloud Strategy

The cloud is, undoubtedly, the most crucial and promising future technology investment an organization can make.

3 Strategic Moves to Reset for 2021 Growth

As we enter 2021, here are three actions you should take to manage core business drivers and meet changing customer and employee needs.

Seven Cybersecurity Tips to Implement Right Now

Invest in cybersecurity tools that protect your endpoints, monitor end-user behavior, and add encryption to keep data safe, Avanade says.

5 Questions That Determine If You’re A Cloud-First Company

Many organizations proudly claim to be ‘cloud-first’ businesses. Maybe even yours. Well, let’s put it to the test. Avanade explains how.

Time to Rethink Your Enterprise Security Strategy

Avanade’s CISO Bob Bruns outlines how to rethink enterprise security strategy in the age of remote work and COVID-19 security threats.