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Posts by Avanade

Rethinking AI for Business Resilience and Results

Organizations embrace AI (artificial intelligence) to reinvent business models & address growth opportunities. But there are also challenges, Avanade explains.

Cloud Migrations Shift From Opportunity to Necessity

Integrating public cloud services into your IT infrastructure more than an opportunity to be assessed – it’s a necessity. Avanade’s Eric Bougen explains.

Remote Work: Four Next Steps for Your Business

Avanade offers four recommendations and considerations for facilitating and deploying successful remote workforce solutions.

Security in the Age of Acquisitions: Top Six Recommendations

How Avanade’s information technology (IT) & security teams approach each acquisition & business integration.


Consumer Data Protection Act: Your Privacy Rights Explained

The Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) legislation strives to provide greater transparency to US consumers about what data has been collected about them, Avanade explains.

Traditional Security Operations Centers Are Dead; Intelligent SOC 2.0 Arrives

Intelligent SOC 2.0 leverages AI, machine learning (ML), automation & adaptive tools to manage security events & information, Avanade explains.

Are You Ready for One-Third of Your Revenue to Disappear?

Avanade shares five digital transformation steps to develop new revenue streams, find new customers, retain existing clientele & disrupt your own business.

Stop Planning for Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, traditional business planning isn’t part of the prescription. Instead, Avanade recommends this path forward.

3 Cloud Migration Mistakes to Avoid

Cloud migration errors generally fit within three categories — around costs, priorities and people. Avanade explains how to avoid cloud migration pitfalls.

The Future of Bots and Digital Assistants

We are seeing an explosion of simple bots for internal processes. But here’s the next evolution, according to Avanade.