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5 Channel Partner Updates: Thursday 24 January 2019

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Here are five technology news updates, insights, chatter, and plenty more to start your day for Thursday, January 24, 2019.

Actually, there are 18 timely updates designed for managed services providers (MSPs), cloud services providers (CSPs), IT consulting firms, systems integrators, VARs, independent software vendors (ISVs), and telco agents to sip on.

18. Alleged Discrimination – Oracle’s Response: In response to a U.S. charges against Oracle, the software giant firmly denies that it discriminates against women and minorities.

17. Amazon Alexa – Workforce: Amazon has roughly 10,000 employees focused on Alexa. Apparently, artificial intelligence requires a lot of human brain power. (Yes, that’s ironic folks.)

16. Amazon’s VPN Alternative: Amazon Web Services has launched WorkLink, a managed service that enables companies to provide their workforce with secure one-click access to internal websites and web applications from their mobile devices without connecting to VPNs or using custom browsers. It costs $5 per active user per month. To get started with Amazon WorkLink, visit:

15. Cisco AppDynamics for MSPs?: Cisco has unveiled a vision to build a Central Nervous System for IT. The strategy involves AppDynamics for managing applications, infrastructure and networks. The big question: Is the Central Nervous System strategy fully multi-tenant for MSPs and other types of partners that want to manage multiple customers from a single dashboard? We’re checking.

14. Remote Control – TeamViewer & ServiceNow: TeamViewer now has deeper integration with ServiceNow, and the remote control software is available in the ServiceNow Store. Initial integration introduced in 2016 focused on connecting IT staff and employees from within ServiceNow incident reports, TeamViewer says. Now, emote support sessions can be initiated from within any ServiceNow task-derived form and offer a new analytics options, the company says.

13. ServiceNow for MSPs: MSPWorx, a division of CareWorx Fully Managed, has released GrandCentral (GC) 2.0. It features deeper Managed ITSM capabilities and new ServiceNow modules for ITBM, ITOM, and CSM—all now available in a “fully managed” pay-as-you-grow service model, the company says. GrandCentral is positioned for MSPs and midmarket IT departments.

12. Talent – ServiceNow Partner:  Stave, which builds ServiceNow platform apps, has recruited Microsoft small business veteran Stijn Hendrikse and well-known consulting veteran Neil Anderson to drive the company’s marketing activities.

11. Talent – Storage: Pure Storage, the all-flash storage provider, has named Robson Grieve as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He previously held key posts at Citrix and Concur, which SAP acquired in 2014.

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