Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs List 2018

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70. (Last Year: 82) 3nom
Vertical: Education Location: Teaneck, New Jersey, United States
Top Executive: Abraham Sasson, CEO
Focus: 3nom is a customer service drive MSP, MSSP and private cloud services provider that focuses on customer centric solutions. Our mindset is one where we treat our customer environments as if they are our own and act as trusted advisors rather than outside vendors.

69. (Last Year: 25) ACE IT Solutions
Vertical: Real Estate Location: Saddle Brook, New Jersey, United States
Top Executive: Warren Finkel, Managing Partner
Focus: ACE IT Solutions is committed to providing the highest-caliber customer service, customized advice, reliable long-term solutions, system security, and 24×7 support services to small and mid-size companies across various industries. We consistently strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the services we provide. We pride ourselves in our ability to work together with our clients as IT partners to deliver the very best consulting, technology, and outsourcing services.

68. (Last Year: 90, 68) Afineol IT Consulting
Vertical: Professional Services Location: Roseville, California, United States
Top Executive: Margaret Strong, President
Focus: We are absolutely passionate about making it easy for our clients to manage their business without worrying about the performance of their business technology. We partner with our clients to inform and educate so they can make knowledgeable IT Business decisions for their organization and for their future. We are a team of dedicated IT Professionals focused on customer service.

67. (Last Year: 65) Tier One Technology Partners
Vertical: Not for profit Location: Owings Mills, Maryland, United States
Top Executive: David Shaffer, CEO
Focus: Serving Non-Profit , Healthcare, and Financial Services companies with 15 to 200 end users with headquarters within a 50m radius of Owings Mills, Maryland with whom we can accelerate Business Growth by reducing risk and Increasing Productivity.

66. (Last Year: 82) 3nom 
Vertical: Healthcare Location: Teaneck, New Jersey, United States
Top Executive: Abraham Sasson CEO
Focus: 3nom’s mission is to provide its clients with secure, reliable and cost effective solutions that are all provided by 3nom’s own staff or in our own data centers. We have been an MSP and private cloud provider for a while but have expanded into an MSSP and VoIP provider as well.

65. (Last Year: 71) Blueclone Networks
Vertical: Healthcare Location: Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Top Executive: Milan Baria, President & CEO
Focus: At Blueclone, we’re motivated and inspired by how SMB uses computers to generate big data and collaborate to develop breakthrough ideas, solve complex problems, grow business, manage life and stay connected to the world. Blueclone realizes how important data integrity and secure information access is to everyone around the globe. Blueclone is committed to protecting your data and helping you utilize it to empower your business, and your personal life. In the long term, we are devoted to helping our clients realize their full potential.

64. (Last Year: 70) Compex Inc.
Vertical: Healthcare Location: Silverton, Oregon, United States
Top Executive: Matt Middlestetter, Founder
Focus: Medical and Professional Grade Technology.

63. (Last Year: 69) Doberman Technologies LLC
Vertical: Healthcare Location: Mason, Michigan, United States
Top Executive: Ian Richardson, CEO
Focus: To be the premier IT MSP in the state of Michigan.

62. TeraCloud Inc.
Vertical: Insurance Location: Dallas, Texas, United States
Top Executive: Eric Long, President
Focus: TeraCloud’s mission is to unify business with technology in the PEO, TPA and Underwriting industry

61. (Last Year: 80) ProServeIT Corporation
Vertical: Agriculture Location: Misssissauga, Ontario, Canada
Top Executive: Eric Sugar, President
Focus: ProServeIT’s mission is to improve peoples lives and businesses applying cutting edge technology to creatively solve problems. ProServeIT uses Software Development, Managed Services and Consulting to make this happen.

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