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Target Archery

Q4 Sales Targets: Ask 10 Questions to Hit Your Goal

When you’re in the fourth quarter, explore these 10 questions to help close your sales gap and meet your revenue targets. KLA Group’s Kendra Lee explains.

Sales Reps: It’s Not Your Prospect’s Job to Pick a Meeting Time

Show prospects you’re willing to work for them by confidently delivering informed, relevant recommendations. Yes, that includes meeting requests.

What to Do with Sales Leads That Aren’t Ready to Meet or Buy

You’ve warmed up a list of leads via email campaigns, but they don’t respond to phone calls & other outreach. KLA Group’s Kendra Lee plots your next move.

Sales Managers Don’t Produce Revenue (Sales People Do!)

As a sales manager, our jobs are to make sure each of our sales people are performing at the highest levels possible. David Brock explains how.

12 Reasons Sales Don’t Grow at Small and Midsize Businesses

Craig Lowder, author of “Smooth Sailing Forever: Charting Your Company’s Course for Predictable and Sustainable Sales Growth,” shares his SMB sales tips.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Salespeople!

In the age of self-service cloud applications, many CEOs believe they no longer need to invest in sales teams. Here’s why they’re dead wrong.

Do We Set Our Salespeople Up to Fail?

If we expect salespeople to engage prospects in a conversation about their business, then equip them with the right information to have that conversation.

You Want to Take My Money, But Who Are You?

People buy from people. But how do I buy if there are no people, no office and no phone? Just a website and a generic email address. Where’s the trust?

Contract Negotiation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Contract negotiation skills are key to running a successful business. Here’s how MSPs, VARs & channel partners can align sales processes and customer needs.

Sunrise Sunset

Sell The Vision (It’s Easier Than Selling the Product)

Your customer wants to buy a vision. They can only buy the vision from you, because you are the only one who knows how to chart the best course forward.