"Ransomware" Posts

The True Cost and Impact of Ransomware: How an Attack Can Haunt Your Business for Years

As ransomware attacks increase, it’s crucial to be aware of all factors that contribute to financial fallout from these security incidents.

The Six Nastiest Malware of 2021

How MSPs can secure SMB customers from Cobalt Strike, Conti, Dridex, Lemonduck, REvil & Trickbot cyberattacks, according to Webroot.

How to Protect Your MSP From Ransomware

MSPs make a great target for ransomware attacks because of the multitude of SMB businesses they service. Here’s how to defend against attacks.

Dell Technologies Report Finds Most Orgs Uncertain They Can Recover from Ransomware

Dell’s Global Data Protection Index found existing data protection measures may not be sufficient to cope with malware and ransomware threats.

Going Beyond Security Basics

Organizations must take a fresh look at the security protocols they have in place and go beyond the basics to shore up vulnerabilities.

Eight Tips for Ransomware Defense

Ransomware is now everyone’s problem – from governments to corporations and even individuals. Here’s how to fight back.

An MSP and SMB Guide to Disaster Preparation, Recovery and Remediation

It’s important for MSPs and SMBs to have a ransomware BC/DR plan in place so normal operations can resume as quickly as possible.

Cyber Insurance And Today’s Threat Landscape: How to Achieve Alignment

To provide effective coverage in the growing cyber insurance market, insurance providers must pivot models to effectually assess cyber risk.

Key Takeaways From the Colonial Pipeline Attack

Here are steps that channel partners can take to help industrial organizations converge their IT and OT security practices, according to Cisco.

3 Red Flags That Signal it’s Time for a New BDR Vendor

As an MSP, it’s best for you to choose technology vendors that are 100% MSP focused. BDR platform provider Axcient explains why.