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"Partners in Excellence" Posts

2021 Technology Sales Planning: Are the Right Hand And Left Hand In Touch?

Channel management and sales teams often develop great sales plans. But failure to coordinate those plans often leads to revenue challenges.

How Your Technology Business Can Be Differentiated in 2021

Hint: In the technology market, your sales team is still the most important differentiator in the customer buying experience. Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains why.

Your Customers Aren’t Buying Your Product. So Why Keep Selling It?

Understanding customers’ needs and business objectives, not your own need to sell a product, can help salespeople create value.

Sales Forecasts: It’s About the Deal, Not the Number

Getting forecasting right is about measuring and tracking the right metrics – it’s not about the numbers, but about each deal.

What Virtual Selling Is – And Isn’t

Virtual selling (and buying) are hard to define, but they’re important for ongoing success. David Brock explains.

Technology Sales: Getting Back to Basics

Sales organizations can benefit from a focus on basic principles, thoughtful leadership, sharp execution, says David Brock.

Do Sales Discovery Questions Work?

The “discovery” stage of the buying and selling processes are incredibly important. But do current methods really work?

Sales Coaching: Can You Manage Based on Results?

Can you manage and coach sales teams based on results? Partners in Excellence’s David Brock debunks this common leadership myth.

Value Proposition

Getting Rid of the “Value Proposition”

The concept of “value proposition” should be replaced with “value co-creation.” Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains.

Can You Coach An ‘Uncoachable’ Sales Person?

Partners in Excellence’s David Brock believes if a sales person is uncoachable, it is not a question of if that individual is terminated, but when.