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Private Equity and Record Buyout Valuations: Cause for Concern?

Private equity firms now pay 13.2X annual EBITDA valuations to buy businesses, up from 8X EBITDA in 2004. Can those M&A valuations hold up?

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Top 200 Technology Mergers, Acquisitions of 2020 (So Far)

The first 200 technology mergers & acquisitions of 2020 — including 46 MSP buyouts. Trends involving MSP valuations, private equity, cybersecurity, AWS & Azure cloud partners, and more.

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5 Channel Partner Updates: Monday 21 October 2019

Today’s channel partner news involves Cisco Sysstems, CWPS, Evergreen Services Group, MSP Valuations, NTT, Red Box Recorders, Red River, SAP, Secure24, Symmetry, ZeroNorth & more.

MSP Valuations: How Much Is My Business Worth?

MSP valuations were a hot topic at DattoCon, ConnectWise IT Nation Explore & Kaseya IT Connect Global. How much are MSPs (managed services providers) worth? Here are some valuation metrics.

IT Solutions Provider Valuations: Insight Enterprises Buyout of PCM Inc. Provides Math

What are IT solutions provider valuations in M&A (merger and acquisition) deals? Insight Enterprises’s buyout of PCM Inc. provides valuation formula & math.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Five Traits of High-Valuation MSPs

High-valuation MSPs — that is, managed services providers acquired for the highest multiples and big premiums — tend to have these five traits, ChannelE2E asserts.

Every Business Owner Should Obtain A Professional Valuation

Entrepreneurs & small businesses should obtain an independent, third-party valuation of their companies every two years, GEM Strategy Management, Inc. says.

Valuations: How Much Is A Managed Print, Office Equipment Dealer Business Worth?

Valuation: How much is an office equipment dealer with managed print services (MPS) worth? Here are some dealer valuation variables to consider.

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10 MSP Valuation Estimates, Guides, Tips and Reality Checks

Want to estimate the potential valuation of your VAR, managed or cloud services provider (MSP or CSP) business? Follow these links for valuation guidance.

The Elusive MSP Everyone Wants to Buy

Technology unicorns are rare. But MSPs with at least $10 million in annual recurring revenues (ARR) & 20 percent EBITDA profit margins might be even rarer.