"Louisiana Floods" Posts

Florida Hurricane Watch: Hermine Flooding vs. Cloud Business Continuity

Tropical Storm Hermine could trigger flooding in Florida, Georgia & the Carolinas. MSPs & cloud providers should heed lessons from the Louisiana floods.

Louisiana Flooding: 7,000 Small Businesses Impacted

Economic fallout from the Louisiana floods continues. The flooding has impacted roughly 7,300 small businesses. Disaster recovery efforts are ongoing.

Louisiana Floods: 6 Small Business Recovery Center Locations Opening

Amid the Louisiana floods, six small business recovery center locations are opening in southern Louisiana, according to three small business associations.

Coffee Thursday

5 Channel Partner Updates: 18 August 2016

Updates involving The ASCII Group, Lenovo, Intel, EMC, Verizon Business, Microsoft Azure, CloudJumper, ComputerSupport, NOC, collab9, FedRAMP, NFIB & more.

Louisiana Floods: People First, Business Recoveries Second

Amid the massive Louisiana floods, many businesses are discovering they can’t return to work because staff members are focused on more pressing priorities.

Louisiana Floods 2016: Failovers to Cloud Could Last “Weeks”

Amid the unprecedented Louisiana flooding, some small businesses suffered complete network losses, but their data has been safely restored in the cloud.

Louisiana Flooding 2016: MSPs, CSPs Assist Disaster Recoveries for Business

Amid Louisiana flooding, managed & cloud services providers (MSPs & CSPs) like Puryear IT are assisting business continuity & disaster recovery efforts.