"Liongard Roar" Posts

Liongard Raises $17 Million for MSP Software Expansion

Liongard raises $17 million in Series B funding led by Updata Partners. What it means for managed services providers (MSPs), business & technology automation.

Liongard Hires Service Provider Experts to Scale MSP Automation, Visibility Initiatives

Liongard’s executive & boardroom leadership features MSP talent from ConnectWise, mindSHIFT, Rackspace & more. CFO Josh Tabin describes what’s next for MSP software startup.

MSP Insiders’ Guide to an Exceptional Customer Journey—Part 3: Stellar Service & Support

MSPs may appear to be in the IT business, but in reality they’re in the business of customer service. Liongard shares tips to set your MSP team apart.

Why Automation is More Accessible than Ever for MSPs

Automation is more accessible than ever but those who don’t automate risk are getting left behind by their competition, explains Liongard’s Mark Sokol.

Liongard Roar Raises Funding for MSP Automation Software Platform

Liongard raises $1.25 million in seed funding to fuel Roar, an MSP automation software platform that gathers and pumps configuration data into IT Glue, ConnectWise & more.