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What to Include in a Marketing Plan to Generate Leads

KLA Group’s Kendra Lee explains what to include (and what to exclude) in your marketing plan if you want to generate leads.

Six Steps to Hit Q4 Sales Goals

It’s crunch time – Q4 is upon us, and KLA Group’s Kendra Lee has six tips for moving toward your year-end sales goals.

5 Sales Myths Preventing You From Growing Your Business

Are you falling for one of these 5 sales myths? Kendra Lee’s advice helps dispel preconceived notions and unlock new opportunities.

Stop Making Accountability Mistakes With Your Salespeople

Not keeping salespeople accountable limits the growth potential of your entire company. Here’s how to handle those tricky conversations.

Cold Calling is Not Dead

When you insert cold calling into lead generation campaigns, all the cold calls are warm calls, making prospecting easier.

When to Use Lead Gen Campaigns Vs. Sales Prospecting

Lead gen and prospecting are both new business development approaches, but they aren’t synonymous. In fact, the goals are very different.

Your Content Development Goal Is Leads, Not Likes

A funny video or thoughtful social post doesn’t convert leads. Website content focused on your target market will. Here’s how to do that.

How to Adapt Your Cold-Calling Strategy for 2021

The sooner you embrace how cold calling is changing, the sooner you’ll start to get sales prospecting results.

How to Get More Sales With Less Effort

Getting great sales results without stressing starts with a steady base and commitment to building your sales strategy from there.

12 Questions to Ask When Reps Are Losing Sales

In today’s challenging sales environment, good sales discipline can help fill your sales funnel with opportunities you can win.