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Family Businesses: When to Fire Your Kids

“The consequences of firing your children are life long … no matter how well it is done,” Harvard Business Review says. Here’s how to proceed.

Coronavirus and Business Valuations: A New Metric Emerges?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, is it time for a new metric to calculate business valuations? Here’s a look at the controversial EBITDAC debate.

Know When to Walk Away From A Deal: Six Rules to Follow

You’ve spent money and time negotiating a company sale. But the deal terms don’t feel quite right. When should you walk away? Follow these six rules.

Selling Your Business Requires A Growth Story

As you prepare to exit your business through a potential company sale, the picture you paint can tell a story of growth, sedentary stability or decline.

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2019: The Best Year Ever to Sell Your Business?

If your company is prepared to go to market then sell now! You may not get another chance like this for another five to seven years, GEM Strategy Management predicts.

Structured Earnouts: Pros and Cons When Selling Your Business

A structured earnout explained, along with the pros and cons for both sellers and buyers, according to Gary Miller of GEM Strategy Management.

Mergers, Acquisitions: Four Secrets to Due Diligence Success

Due diligence kills half of all pending mergers and acquisitions. To avoid M&A setbacks, GEM Strategy Management Inc. offers four secrets to due diligence success.

Selling Your Small Business: Four Variables Can Boost SMB Valuations

If you’re thinking about selling your small business in 2018-2019, focus on these four variables to raise your SMB company’s valuation.

M&A Outlook Bright for 2018, But Don’t Wait Too Long

Nearly 70% of executives at US-headquartered corporations say mergers & acquisitions will increase in 2018, Deloitte says. But be careful. Here’s why.

Why Nobody Is Bidding to Buy Your Business

Why won’t a potential buyer seriously entertain purchasing your company? GEM Strategy Management Inc.’s Gary Miller shares details.