"Friday Exit" Posts

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Tequity Advises Salesforce Cloud Partner Mergers, Acquisitions

As Salesforce cloud partners and service providers increasingly pursue mergers and acquisitions, equity emerges as a key M&A advisor in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Small Businesses, MSPs and the Valuation Bubble

Most times you can’t see a market bubble forming. But you can sometimes hear it forming — if you take the time to listen closely. The more I hear, the more I suspect we’re nearing an MSP valuation bubble. Here’s why.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Five Most Popular MSP Merger, Acquisition, Valuation Advice Blogs

Friday’s Exit Strategy — a weekly column that highlights merger, acquisition, transition & exit advice for MSPs and IT service providers — shares reader’s favorite blogs so far.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Is Your Small Business Your Future Pension?

An MSP owner/founder nears retirement. A chief operating officer (COO) takes over day-to-day business management. The big discussion: Can the business fund the owner’s retirement — without selling the company to do so?

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Five Traits of High-Valuation MSPs

High-valuation MSPs — that is, managed services providers acquired for the highest multiples and big premiums — tend to have these five traits, ChannelE2E asserts.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: How Pigs May Get Slaughtered in M&A

Whether you’re building a business or seeking an M&A exit, remember this: Bulls and bears get rich. Pigs get slaughtered.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Sell Your Business But Stay for Bonus Round?

You’re set to sell your managed IT service business. The proposed deal involves multiple inflection points. Perhaps the biggest of all: What will you actually do after you sell your business?

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Private Equity Chases MSPs On Short Runway

In their bid to acquire managed services providers (MSPs), private equity firms need to spend an allotted amount of money within a fixed window. That triggers these challenges.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Are MSP Valuations Based on EBITDA Misleading?

How much is an IT service provider or MSP business worth? Lots of folks point to EBITDA multiples. But Cogent Growth Partners considers EBITDA a misleading valuation metric. Here’s why.

Friday’s Exit Strategy: Your Kids Will Never Own ‘Your’ Business

Successfully transitioning a family business from one generation to the next requires two key ingredients: Visionaries who are truly willing to let go. And next-generation leaders determined to build assets. Just ask the Cagnazzi and Ziff families.