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Datto MSP Partner Program Rewards Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR)

Datto’s new global partner program rewards & ranks MSPs based on monthly recurring revenues (MRR) instead of storage consumption. Here’s why.

Intronis Promotes Barracuda Security Firewalls to MSPs

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Intronis MSP Solutions has launched Barracuda NextGen Firewalls into its MSP partner base, offering fixed monthly fee security solutions to SMB partners.

Datto DNA, Eero, Luma, Google OnHub: Tomorrow’s SMB, SoHo WiFi Router Networks?

How Datto Network Appliance (DNA), Eero, Luma & OnHub are striving to deliver fast, simple, reliable, secure WiFi network connectivity in homes & SMBs.

ownCloud Is Dead, Datto Drive Is Alive

ownCloud’s collapse won’t impact Datto Drive, according to CEO Austin McChord. Datto Drive, a Box & Dropbox alternative, had an early ownCloud partnership.

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Datto CEO: We’ll Remain Pure Channel

Recent funding. New offices. A push beyond business continuity into small business networking. Austin McChord on the past, present & future of Datto.

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Sleepy Router Market Awaits Wakeup Call

From small businesses to home offices, the wireless router market is ripe for innovation and disruption. Google will try. Datto will try. Who will succeed?