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Why Businesses Need to Pursue More Risk, Not Less

Most senior management teams are abandoning bigger, riskier growth investments and embracing lower-risk bets. CEB explains why that’s a mistake.

5 Ways to Use Employee Pulse Surveys

How to develop a comprehensive employee survey strategy that spells out how pulse surveys supplement annual employee engagement initiatives.

Your Company Doesn’t Need a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Why chief data officer “responsibilities” (defining & driving your company‚Äôs digital agenda or strategy) are best left to your existing leaders.

What IT Service Managers Should Do in Their First Six Months

Organize your team, understand the business fundamentals and stakeholders’ priorities, and renew the service business plan. CEB explains how.

Brexit Business Checklist: A Guide to What Companies Should Do Next

This checklist will help managers and businesses to assess their exposure to Brexit-related risks. Here’s how to move forward, according to CEB.

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Answers to 6 Questions About DevOps From 25 IT Leaders

Take a close look at these six thorny DevOps questions — and their answers — in order to get DevOps right in your organization.

Three Steps to Improve Your IT Service Metrics

The services that IT teams provide can be measured in incredibly precise ways, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Here’s how to get it right.