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Coffee Friday

5 Channel Partner Updates: Friday 01 September 2017

Updates involving Acronis, CloudBees, Cyphort, Data Deposit Box, Datto, F12.net, Juniper Networks, OnDeck Systems, Open Mesh, Oracle, PrintFleet, Tech Data.

Datapipe Acquires Amazon AWS Cloud Partner, MSP

Mergers, acquisitions & talent grabs for Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts across the MSP and CSP industries continue. The latest target: UK IT talent.

IBM PartnerWorld: Beyond Analytics, Cloud

At IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2016, analytics will shift to cognitive computing. But can IBM engage ISVs & MSPs in a cloud ecosystem discussion?

Coffee Monday

5 Channel Partner Updates: 1 Feb 2016

Today’s updates involve Safe Harbor 2.0, Kaseya, AWS cloud partner acquisitions, Vorex, Google cloud revenues, SoftChoice, Dell and more.