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Tech Data Cloud Revenue Hits $500 Million Run Rate

Tech Data’s cloud business reaches $500 million annual run rate, and remains fast-growing segment at the distributor, according to CEO Bob Dutkowsky.

Tech Data Pursues $100 Million In Cost Savings Post ATS Deal

Amid the recent Avnet Technology Solutions acquisition, Tech Data CEO Bob Dutkowsky will pursue $100 million in cost savings over the next two years.

Tech Data Finalizes Avnet Technology Solutions Acquisition

Tech Data finalizes the Avnet Technology Solutions (ATS) acquisition and names executive leadership reporting to CEO Bob Dutkowsky. Here’s what’s next.

Darts Target

Synnex CEO: Target Growth Markets, Stay Focused, Execute

Synnex CEO Kevin Murai’s formula for growth: Remain true to your relationships, target growth markets, stay focused, then execute on your strategy.

CNBC: Tech Data CEO On Avnet Technology Solutions Buyout

Video: Tech Data (TECD) CEO Bob Dutkowsky discusses the $2.6 billion Avnet Technology Solutions buyout, and the data center implications for partners.

Tech Data CEO: We’re Growing Faster Than the Industry

Tech Data CEO Bob Dutkowsky says the technology distributor is successfully navigating a challenging market, and outperforming rivals.

Money Coins Costs

Tech Data Sees Network, Security and Government IT Momentum

CEO Bob Dutkowsky describes key areas where the distributor sees tech sales momentum. Plus, his views on Tianjin Tianhai buying Ingram Micro.

Tech Data’s Apple Business Grows 30 Percent

CEO Bob Dutkowsky describes the distributor’s success with Apple.

Memo From Tech Data to VARs

CEO Bob Dutkowsky wants to assist VARs with their entrepreneurial journey, education and business transformation. Here’s how.