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Amazon Debuts AWS IoT SiteWise Management, Monitoring Platform Debuts

Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT SiteWise, a cloud-based managed service to monitor the Industrial Internet of Things, is available in some U.S. & European regions.

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IoT Remote Monitoring, Management (RMM): TeamViewer, HARMAN Partner Up

How can MSPs manage the Internet of Things (IoT)? TeamViewer & HARMAN partner to offer IoT remote monitoring & management (RMM) software.

Dell IoT Partner Program Engages Systems Integrators

Dell Technologies has expanded its Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Partner Program to include systems integrators (SIs). Here’s why.

Smart Building IoT Managed Services Show Promise

Smart building managed services from AtSite, BuildingIQ & others have emerged. Translation: Some MSPs are embracing the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

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Amazon’s AWS IoT Platform: RMM for Tomorrow’s Devices, Sensors?

Amazon’s AWS IoT offers remote monitoring and management (RMM) for tomorrow’s devices and sensors. But the bigger opportunity involves data monetization.