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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

So, here’s our approach to privacy. We drafted a few thousands words for the policy. Then we removed the redundant, misleading and confusing terms. And came up with this…

  1. Sign up for our newsletters, research reports and website and that info remains private between you and After Nines Inc. (ChannelE2E’s parent).
  2. Sign up for sponsored webcasts,  sponsored white papers and other sponsored stuff and the sponsor receives your contact info.
  3. If anything changes in our privacy statement we’ll update it here.

Your Rights:

  1. Breach Notification Policy: If our website is experiencing a data breach of any kind, we will communicate it to our users within 72 hours of first becoming aware of a breach. 
  2. Right to Access. We collect your data via our subscription services such as newsletters, webcast registrations, website registrations, surveys and reader comments. You can request your data and we will reply within 40 days with that information.
  3. Right to Be Forgotten. We will remove you from our email and contact database upon your request.
  4. Data Portability. Ask us for your data and you can transfer it elsewhere.

The bottom line: If you want to opt out it’s simple to unsubscribe to our newsletters, etc. Run into a snag? Simply contact us: and