Dispatches From Mexico City: Exploring Ideas

Author: Ty Trumbull
Author: Ty Trumbull

In the small Ontario town where I grew up, Easter was mountains of chocolate and magical bunnies. Here in Mexico, it’s something very different.

For one, it's a week-long religious festival instead of an afternoon treasure hunt. Many people travel long distances for various religious ceremonies around the country. Those that don’t observe the holiday use the time off to get out of the city.

It’s an odd time to be in the capital. Many storefronts are closed and the streets that normally bustle with activity are dead. My friend tells me it's his favorite time of year to be here. But when you’re not from here, seeing this megacity emptied is surreal. Some neighborhoods are like ghost towns. In others, the patios overflow with tourists happy to have found a place to eat. It’s the perfect time to explore my new home.

I was talking to Joe Panettieri (my editor) about these blogs and how easy it would be to relate them back to ChannelE2E. He advised me I shouldn’t stretch too much, but here I am doing it anyway:

I get to write about technology and entrepreneurship for a living. It’s great. But my background is music and journalism. Perhaps those have something peripherally in common, but it’s hardly a direct line.

Exploring the Physical and Digital Worlds

Still, I find exploring unfamiliar or foreign concepts awesome. And I don’t mean that hyperbolically: they inspire awe in my sometimes. Hearing how people build an idea into a successful company. Or how they can take a piece of technology and figure out how to create new and innovative solutions with it. Those things are amazing. And learning about them reveals some cool things about the world.

Walking down deserted streets and seeing the cracks and enclaves you never noticed before, it’s a way to learn about a city. There’s history and ideas and innovation.

Humans are an exploring animal. Whether you inquire through conversations or by actually putting foot to pavement, you’re going to learn something about the world.