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Podcast: Cisco Secure MSP Center Simplifies SaaS Security

How is Cisco Systems making life easier for MSP partners seeking cloud- and SaaS-based security solutions? The short answer involves Cisco Secure MSP — an online marketplace for partners of all sizes. Indeed, the Secure MSP center offers “quick and easy” access to SaaS-based security solutions, the company notes.

Anjana Kambhampati, a Cisco senior product manager for growth and strategy in the XaaS sector, shares more details with ChannelE2E Editorial Director Joe Panettieri in this podcast:

The conversation covers:

  • 0:00 — How the Cisco Secure MSP center offers “ease of access” for partners of all sizes.
  • 1:43 — Building a quick & easy process for partner activation (within minutes instead of hours or days).
  • 3:35 — More details: How Cisco rapidly authenticates and validates a partner.
  • 5:37 — The Secure MSP center starts with Umbrella DNS security, with Cisco Duo and other SaaS products debuting soon.
  • 6:40 –How Cisco is further building the SaaS marketplace for multiple Cisco security options.
  • 8:05 — What’s coming down the road in the marketplace: Endpoint security and more.
  • 9:40 — How new and existing partners can get started at www.cisco.com/go/securemsp, and what to expect from the initial experience.
  • 10:46 — For existing Cisco partners, here’s how the Secure MSP center will evolve for you.
  • 12:12 — The roadmap for integrations with RMM (remote monitoring and management) and PSA (professional services automation).
    12:47 — Conclusion.

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