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VMWare and HP Partner for DaaS Management


Obtaining devices as a service or a subscription is quickly becoming a standard practice for enterprise environments. There are a few reasons for this. First, it helps keep devices current and secure. In-demand devices are provided to help avoid vulnerabilities embedded in out dated technology. With regular refreshes, these devices can be monitored, secured and remain policy-compliant at all times. Second, DaaS helps companies meet their budget demands. The company can easily predict costs and manage the total cost of ownership of the devices. Finally, companies can manage volatility by keeping the devices and services associated with them consistent across all departments and locations.

As HP continues to scale its Device as a Service technology platform, the company has just announced, together with VMware, Inc at VMworld 2017, a partnership that will add VMware Workspace ONE to HP's Device as a Service (DaaS) technology platform. Workspace ONE, an integrated platform powered by VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) technology, provides a holistic and user-centric approach to managing all endpoints in an organization -- from mobile and desktop to Internet of Things (IoT), the companies claim.

What Workspace ONE Does

  • Simplifies App Access and Management - Allows for the delivery of secure access to cloud, mobile, web and Windows apps on any smartphone, tablet or laptop through a single catalog and a consumer-simple single sign-on (SSO) experience.
  • Modernizes Windows 10 Management - Enables simple and secure user onboarding of Windows 10 endpoints with out-of-box enrollment (OOBE) using cloud-based device and app lifecycle management.
  • Unifies Endpoint Management - Leverages a single platform to manage all devices regardless of ownership model - from bring your own (BYO) to fully managed - and maintains complete employee privacy.
  • Lowers Cost of Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps - Transforms traditional VDI with unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scale - all at a lower cost, the company claims.

How HP's DaaS Platform Works

HP states that DaaS offers a modern consumption model for computing in which hardware and lifecycle services are combined to improve the user experience and free up IT resources to drive growth. The way they accomplish this is through an all-inclusive solution offered in a single contract on a per-seat, per-month basis. The service covers devices through their entire life cycle.

  • Discover and design - HP first gains an understanding of your current state and objectives and designs a solution that fits the needs of the end users.
  • Configure - Second they attempt to save the IT staff's time and increase productivity with services that include installing images and applications, labeling and tagging devices, and modifying factory settings tailored to the company's needs.
  • Deploy - HP will then manage everything from logistics and warehousing to installation and setup, data migration, and executive services.
  • Optimize - Next, HP will try to enhance the PC environment with HP’s suite of support services including priority services, staff augmentation, HP Proactive Intelligence, and security for data and devices.
  • Maintain - During the lengthiest part of the lifecycle of a device, HP extends and expands on the protection of HP and multi-vendor devices. They also improve device readiness with On-site Services, Resident Engineers, Accidental Damage Protection, Defective Media Retention, and HP Tech Café.
  • Dispose and refresh - At the end of a device’s lifecycle, HP will refresh with the latest technology products, remove the old units and wipe data, and recycle devices.

The company claims that HP DaaS addresses the complexity of managing today's multi-OS environments with a single contact, and a single contract across both commercial devices and services. It allows customers to pay on a monthly per device basis and takes the day-to-day burden of managing devices away so IT can focus its time elsewhere. By incorporating Workspace ONE into HP DaaS' management toolset, HP DaaS Service Agents will benefit from additional capabilities to provide comprehensive fleet management to help customers increase efficiency, improve the employee experience, and free up IT resources to drive growth in a transformed workplace.