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SoundWay Consulting Launches CAMO for Streamlined CMMC Compliance

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SoundWay Consulting has officially introduced its CMMC Adaptive & Managed Operations (CAMO) service.

CMMC, or the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is a unified cybersecurity standard developed for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) in the United States. 

Features of CAMO

According to SoundWay, CAMO addresses frequent challenges SMBs encounter with CMMC, such as:

  • Absence or affordability of in-house expertise for CMMC compliance and certification.
  • High CMMC-services-related quotes from external vendors.
  • Uncertainties stemming from CMMC's novelty.

For SMBs targeting CMMC Level 2 certification, CAMO offers:

  • A comprehensive solution for CMMC compliance.
  • Cost-effective ways to achieve CMMC compliance and a reduction in C3PAO certification assessment fees.
  • A portal allowing clients to view their entire CMMC program.
  • Regular on-site reviews by SoundWay.
  • Monthly CAMO status reports with essential evidentiary artifacts.
  • A transparent monthly pricing model aiding in budgeting and cashflow management.

CAMO will also be featured at the National Cyber Summit in Huntsville, Alabama on September 20th, the company said.

SoundWay Releases CAMO: Additional Commentary

Diane Bellegarde, CEO, SoundWay Consulting, commented:

"CAMO is a managed-services-approach for companies aiming to achieve and maintain CMMC compliance and certification. With CAMO, clients gain from our past experiences and the extensive Government assessment we underwent to earn our Cyber AB accredited C3PAO status."

Carter Schoenberg, Vice President of Cybersecurity, SoundWay Consulting, said:

"For years, the need for a comprehensive, reasonably-priced solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to meet CMMC's objectives has been discussed. While many debated, SoundWay acted. We meticulously reviewed every [CMMC] security control and objective within the NIST SP 800-171r2 and NIST SP 800-171A to craft the CAMO blueprint. We then involved cybersecurity professionals, legal experts, and business proprietors to evaluate CAMO's feasibility, receiving overwhelming approval."

Carter Schoenberg, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, SoundWay Consulting, added:

"The advantage of our CAMO solution is it allows clients to prioritize their primary mission of serving the U.S. Government, while also lessening the resources required for CMMC compliance and certification."

About SoundWay Consulting

Established in 2011, SoundWay Consulting provides systems engineering, mission support, and cybersecurity services to the DoD, Intelligence Community (IC), Civil Agencies, and the industry. 

SoundWay works with the U.S. Government and its supply chain to help reduce exposure to harm stemming from breaches of highly sensitive information.

What Is CMMC?

CMMC, or the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is a cybersecurity standard initiated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for its Defense Industrial Base (DIB). 

The framework, comprising five maturity levels from Basic Cyber Hygiene to Advanced/Progressive, aims to safeguard Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) on the networks of defense contractors. Unlike previous self-certification methods, CMMC mandates third-party assessments by accredited organizations to ensure contractors have the requisite cybersecurity measures in place before being awarded DoD contracts. This initiative enhances the cybersecurity defenses of the entire defense supply chain.