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OwnBackup Jumps Into Salesforce Sandbox

Ariel Berkman
Ariel Berkman
OwnBackup CEO Sam Gutmann

OwnBackup is climbing deeper into the Salesforce sandbox, with the company announcing the launch of its Sandbox Seeding solution on the Salesforce AppExchange.

OwnBackup has been operating since 2015, offering cloud-to-cloud backup for, Slack, and ServiceNow. Former Intronis CEO Sam Gutmann joined the company in January 2015.

Fast forward to present day, and this latest announcement looks to be the company expanding its traditional footprint of backup and recovery by creating a tool that allows businesses to develop and test in a fully populated sandbox.

This is the first foray into sandbox solutions for the company, according to Ariel Berkman, CTO, Ownbackup. He tells ChannelE2E the company relies on a development process to enhance its capabilities. “The foundation of sandbox seeding, replication, was made available to customers in a limited preview release some months ago,” he says. “Around that replication core, we’ve layered on Sandbox Seeding innovations that have culminated in the release of this new product.”

Saving Time

Berkman says the tool will allow users to streamline development and create efficiency and confidence in an area typically dependent on painstaking, manual labor.

“This work is time-consuming and difficult. Everyone needs sandboxes to do their testing, but obtaining a full copy Salesforce sandbox is expensive. Efficiently seeding relevant data into a sandbox is a challenge,” he says.

As Berkman points out, it can be difficult for developers to fully test when they’re limited to partial data, and that can lead to bugs and errors. “Manually preparing a sandbox test data set can take days hours, which can mean corners are often cut in the development and QA process,” he says. “The OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding solution transforms the process for administrators and developers alike.”

A Look Inside The Box

There are a number of new tools in the service, according to the company. OwnBackup boasts that Sandbox Seeding allows development teams to test out code and workflows in relevant, right-sized data sets with only a few clicks.

“The built-in Compare tools enable rapid, visual identification of data differences. The preview and multiple filter options streamline the process of crafting the perfect set of test data to fit the sandbox space permitted. Used in conjunction with OwnBackup’s core backup and recovery service, it also provides the ability to replicate and /or sandbox-seed from any point in the past,” adds Berkman.

Berkman says the company’s previewing of its replication capabilities has created anticipation amongst its customers. OwnBackup will showcase the service at this year’s TrailheaDX conference. The conference is June 28-29 in San Francisco.